I'm back to this PC freezing at windows again

By neg1053 ·
Hi folks! what exactly runs the keyboard and mouse? I took this friends hard drive to work, it's an IDE, and plugged it into my machine. It had 8 Trojans/viruses, etc. but they were all wiped off. why would the hard drive work there but not in the original PC case? the PC I'm writing this on is ATA hard drive, and I can't seem to get it to work on this PC.

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PC freezing - clarification?

by cbnsingram In reply to I'm back to this PC freez ...

Are you saying that you took an infected IDE drive and connected it on your employer's computer to clean it? Yikes.

That said, what do you mean by it "won't work in the original PC?" Do you mean it will not boot to windows? If this is the case, did you boot from the "bad" drive when it was in your work system or did you just attach it as an extra drive? If you did not boot from it at work, then you really don't have enough information yet to figure this out.

I have had a case where I could not boot from a particular hard drive (it froze at the Windows Splash screen), but I had no trouble browsing it and backing up the data from it when attached to another computer. A deep diagnostic of the drive proved it was near death.

I am not a hardware guy exactly, but if the drive boots to windows on one machine and not the other, then the "bad" machine may have mother board or RAM problems.

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if the drive boots to windows on one machine and not the other

by Snuffy09 In reply to PC freezing - clarificati ...

the hard drive will not boot in another machine unless its put into a machine of same model type (same mobo)

I am going to guess when he took it into work he added it as a slave device, scanned/cleaned it and returned to friend (without actually booting from the drive)

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Really? IT has worked for me

by cbnsingram In reply to if the drive boots to win ...

I am not sure under what circumstances you are saying it will not work. I have taken drives out of retired machines and put them into client machines and they booted up to XP was fine. Of course the drive must be compatible to the interface, if that is what you mean.

As I said, I am not a hardware guy, so I would be curious as to what you mean by mobo then. Perhaps in my case even though brand names and mother boards were different they were the same in some other way - is that what you are referring to?

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you are correct

by neg1053 In reply to if the drive boots to win ...

yes, I did slave it, never thought to boot up from the bad drive.

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the BIOS detects if a keyboard is present

by CG IT In reply to I'm back to this PC freez ...

and loads a generic driver contained in the BIOS. A mouse is almost the same thing except that the BIOS doesn't contain a driver for a mouse. The BIOS only detects it and reports to the operating system that there is a mouse connected to the mouse port or USB is the BIOS supports USB mouse.

Computer freezing can be a multitude of issues. Some hardware related, some software. Without more information, tough to suggest something.

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by Leonardo_C In reply to I'm back to this PC freez ...

Like CG said, the keyboard/mouse drivers are loaded by the OS.
If they're PS2, try a USB keyboard and mouse just to see.

Thing is, perhaps you're actually locked-up but interpreting this as a mouse/keyboard driver failure.

There's also the possibility that one of these trojans/viruses infected an OS-critical file which was either deleted, (not well)"cleaned" or even left alone by the anti-spyware/virus you ran and is thus causing the lock-up (IMO it should BSOD).

Tough to diagnose these types of problems without all the info.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to I'm back to this PC freez ...

the virus may have been attached to a windows system file.

(assuming its windows xp)
can you boot into safemode? if so go to msconfig and untick all entries on start-up tab

then try to restart normal, if it works you have to figure out what start-up program is throwing a wrench in your boot-up process.

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windows freezing,

by neg1053 In reply to hmm

I do believe the viruses infected the boot.ini file and anything else it could. Reinstalled XP, but couldn't get online to run update. I'm done, thank you all for your assistance.

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two copies of windows now

by neg1053 In reply to windows freezing,

I'm Baaacckkkk! I did finally look at the C drive: hence folders Windows, Windows.0 and Windows.1. My lord what did I do!! Windows.0 deleted completely, and I can see the majority of her original information in the Windows folder. there are two profiles, regular and her name with a code after it. Windows and Windows.1 seem tied together as system files. any ideas for me folks?

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two copies of windows now - QUESTION

by CAMUSED In reply to two copies of windows now

When you reinstalled XP did you go through a
compplete "new" install; deleted the old partition and old windows files, or just installed the new files on the old ? "corrupt" ? partition.?

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