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    I’m building a website for a large company, how much should I charge?


    by ozcomz ·

    I’m building a website for a large marketing firm. I’m not sure how much to charge them. I know the CEO personally and told him I would make a mockup. He wanted something simple so I built him this:

    The domain will be when it is finished. I am going to suggest a .com domain if possible. I build my own websites and he is my business mentor so I didn’t expect to get him as a client. The website is pretty much finished right now (December 20th 2018). I may be adding a “Team” page if he wants it, but I don’t think he wants it. As you can see it is 2 pages only. He doesn’t want a “Pricing” page because these are custom marketing solutions. The “Our Work” page will be filled with dozens of examples of their work, including TV commercials. I didn’t add those yet until I get his approval on the design and layout.

    I also welcome any recommendations and changes you could suggest before I show this to them. I’m planning to show it to the CEO early January. I may also be hosting the website. How much would you charge for a website like this?

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