I'm Changing From Windows To Linux OS Because We're Being Hacked

By kolumkille ·

This is my first post to this list.

Thank you for having me.

Our PC has been hacked for approx. the last four years now.

We are on our 6th (SIXTH) Computer, and we have spent upwards of probably $3,000.00 on getting our PC's fixed, and buying security software.

This has been over a four year period.

I'm to the point to where I'm pretty much done with Windows.

We have a static IP address, so it's fairly easy to find us, which makes it that much easier to hack our PC.

I know that Linux OS is more secure, but do you think that I can find a computer techie to work on it, who can totally 'lock it down' for us?

I've used the Suse Linux live disk before, and I pretty much like it, so I know just a little bit about Linux OS.

Is there anti-virus and firewall software for Linux, in this case, as severe as it is, it would be needed.

Is this software one must purchase, or is it free?

I know who is doing this, where he is, and so does the FBI, he even used a Department of Defense IP address to hack us with, and so far the FBI has NOT, nor will they, do anything about all of this!

Our town cops are like 'Mayberry RFD', and they are worse than useless.

I could sure use some real good advice about all of this.

Any takers?

Thanks alot for your time, and for answering our questions.


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all other things aside

by Dr Dij In reply to I'm Changing From Windows ...

including lack of sw to prevent trojans..

you should have a cable router which prevents outside systems from pinging or sending packets to your PCs. then it isn't 'relatively easy to hack your PC'.
for a biz you need the equiv, hardwdare firewall.

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