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I'm facing 6 felonies what do I do??

By WrenElessedil ·
I'm 19yrs. old and currently facing 6 felony charges in NH. I have no clue what to expect when everything is all said and done with. How it will affect my future career options. I have been thinking about going into the Navy or forensic science (not sure yet). But now i'm not sure weither or not i will be able to do these things and if i'll ever be able to clear my record. If someone knows what i can expect and if i will able to do these things i would gratly appreciate it.
Thank you,

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Felonies for what?

by maxwell edison In reply to I'm facing 6 felonies wha ...

What felonies are you charged with?

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Charged or Convicted

by jdmercha In reply to I'm facing 6 felonies wha ...

I'm not sure exactly, but I don't think any employer can ask you if you have been charged with a crime, only if you have been convicted of one.

And I believe that if you have ever been convicted of a felony, the Navy won't take you.

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To answer your question

by maxwell edison In reply to I'm facing 6 felonies wha ...

If you're facing 6 felonies, and you really did commit those felonies, then go to court and plead guilty.

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Get a lawyer

by Oz_Media In reply to To answer your question

A good lawyer! Depending on the felony, it MAY be stricken from your record over time and it can be reduced if your lawyer sets some precedents before you are convicted of the felony in the first place.

In all fairness though, 6 felonies couldmean a LOT of different things, some you will recover from with ease, others you will have with you for life.

As I say, hire a GOOD lawyer, in times like that you don't want to be stuck with legal aid if there's ANY way you can scratch together a decent lawyer.

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On pulling legs

by maxwell edison In reply to Get a lawyer

I would tend to believe that you've converted to become a GWB supporter more that I believe the validity of this discussion.

Pulling legs and yanking chains are just a couple of terms that come to mind.

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by Oz_Media In reply to On pulling legs

I assume you are referring to the initial posting?

I wasn't pulling or yanking my....leg.

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by vltiii In reply to Get a lawyer

WOW! You're statement implies that the lawyers that work for legal aid aren't any good. Contrary to public opinion (and not I'm not a lawyer), there are some that go into the profession because they want to help and not because they expect to earn large salaries. Some of the lawyers at legal aid are decent lawyers.

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It is a matter of time they can spend on you

by jdclyde In reply to Re:

Legal Aid does not have the resources to pull together a complete defense.

Private lawyers can and will hire investigators, have staff look up precidence and have a lot more fire power on your side.

Wasn't a public defender that let OJ walk.

Justice is determined by how much money you have to spend on a legal defense.

Get a good lawyer, and they can get some of the charges dropped all together and the others lowered to misdemeanors.

All depends on what the charges are (which we haven't been told) and what past history is.

If this is first offense you may have a chance.
Otherwise even one felony conviction can stop you from getting a good job for the rest of your life.

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by vltiii In reply to It is a matter of time th ...

I agree with most of what you said. However, the post that I responded to specifically mentioned getting the felonies expunged from the record. This doesn't require any resources. Even in cases where resources are required lawyers that work for legal aid learn to become proficient with the resources they do have. It's legal aid or organizations like them that have gotten many wrongly convicted sentences overturned.

FYI... it wasn't a Public Defender that let OJ walk. Public Defenders defend those that are charged and can't afford to hire their own defense team. Prosecutors (U.S. Attorney, District Attorneys and in some cases City Attorney) represent the government, i.e. bring about the charges.

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Re: your Re:

by jdclyde In reply to Re:

I may be mistaken (but I doubt it) but you don't get a public defender any old time you have a legal matter, only when you are on trial and can't afford one. For everything else your on your own?

The legal team for OJ backs up my case. The more you throw money around the less gulty you are.

Incarceration is for the poor.

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