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I'm famous! New TR Community Podcast just published!

By Beth Blakely ·
Have you ever wondered what I sound like? You can hear my voice, along with that of Sonja Thompson, in our new podcast TR Out Loud:

We cooked up this idea just for our favorite ?hard core? members, and those who want to be just like you. We wanted to do something fun and lighthearted... Well, we sure did laugh a lot, so perhaps we've done it.

TiggerTwo joined us on this one for a bit, and we?ve mentioned quite a few of your names.

Give it a listen and be sure to tell us what you think!

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by Tig2 In reply to I'm famous! New TR Commun ...

Just a reminder to my peers- this is a new thing for TR.
Please take a moment to mark as helpful at the top of the
page so that they know if it's something we want to have
continue. And remember, a TR coffee cup could be in

Great job, Beth and Sonja!

Edited because this is my senile day. Sonja is spelled with
a "j", Sonja is spelled with a "j"...

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Oh hey, I like that!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I'm famous! New TR Commun ...

I'm looking forward to the next one. Oddly, you both do sound just like yourselves - to quote another famous TR entity!

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This will be the fourth post this afternoon for me to show my ignorance.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm famous! New TR Commun ...

That's got to be a personal record.

I follow the link, but when I click Play nothing happens. Confess, this is really just a graphic with no code behind it, right? You've got a pool on how many people will click on it, and the winner gets Derby tickets.

What is this media-challenged redneck doing wrong this time? I'm using Firefox 2, if that makes any difference.

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Much better, thank you.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Here's the link, Palmetto

This is Charlie from Lexington. I've got a '94 Nissan Sentra, silver, 237 thousand miles. About two months ago I started hearing a whining sound. When I step on the gas, the whine increases in pitch. When the automatic transmission shifts, the whine drops back down in frequency and then speeds up again as the RPMs pick up. The noise does the same thing whether I'm in gear or neutral. It doesn't make any difference whether I'm going straight or if the wheels are turned. I've checked the transmission fluid and it looks full and the fluid is clean. It burns a little oil, but less than a quart between changes.

What? This isn't 'Car Talk'???

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by Beth Blakely In reply to Much better, thank you.

You know you wanna be a sweet biscuit!

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Wow Sonja, are you going to incure Beths wrath.....

by jdclyde In reply to Here's the link, Palmetto

Looking at the name of the MP3, and you have her labeled as a troll? :0

I would hide, if I were you..... ;\

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by Beth Blakely In reply to Wow Sonja, are you going ...

spells TROL! We got such a kick out of the show's acronym spelling the name of our worst community pest! We've been giggling about that for a bit.

(Credit for naming the podcast must go to The Trivia Geek, Jay Garmon. He's good at stuff like that.)

P.S. Sonja is WAY tougher than me! You guys are just lucky you have ole creampuff Blakely to deal with instead of her. ;-)

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Wow Sonja, are you going ...

I thought Beth's wrath was incurable...

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Does this mean that its open season

by The Scummy One In reply to Gosh...

to bring TR into the gutter???

if Beth is too soft, we can... get away with many things!!! shhhhh, I dont want to be put on that list till next week..

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