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I'm fine with being wrong but i guarantee you

By Vulpinemac ·
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I'm not sure I'd agree with that statement...

by Vulpinemac In reply to I'm fine with being wrong ...

... considering the number of people I see carrying iPods... like my postman. Yes, I do agree that the iPhone/iPod Touch appear to be tapping some of the iPod's classic style players like the Nano and the Classic itself, but at the same time the newer Nano is almost invisible when worn and what with two different watch band designs that let you use the Nano as a player and a touch-screen watch, you may not even notice how many are still around you. Even the Shuffle seems to do fairly well considering it's low price point of just under $80. So I can't necessarily agree that the iPod is falling to cheaper devices. As far as automotive integration, I suggest you look again as several brands, especially those owned by Volkwagen, are still offering built-in compatibility up to and including steering wheel buttons that control both the radio and an attached iPod.

When speaking of memory size for the price, I might note that I personally have over 60GB of music and another 120 GB in video and podcasts in iTunes on my primary machine, My iPod Classic has 80GB of capacity, most of it taken up with my music library and the rest with assorted videos. Yes, <i>some</i> music is pirated by people, but the majority seem to still be using iTunes one way or another as their primary music player/organizer for their music/video library--feeding to their AppleTV, their iPod, iPhone and/or their iPad. I might also note that pre-creating your playlists before stuffing your digital player with disorganized (Ok, foldered) files simply means that sorting, loading and playing your music is still easier on an iDevice than what you describe.

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Most music is pirated?

by NickNielsen In reply to I'm fine with being wrong ...

That wall of CDs to my right must be a figment of my imagination...

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Not to mention those

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Most music is pirated?

8500 Vinyl Round things that I have or the Wall of DVD's not to mention the thousands of CD's that I have do you mean that I've been paying pirates?

OH I know the RIAA is a Pirate Organization and a Bunch of Thieving Bastards but then again aren't all Record Companies and the organizations that they spawn?

Even Microsoft trades in Pirate Software as I bought a Action Pack from them and when I first used any part of it I was informed that it was a Pirate Product. So to completely own the Industry they have to work/supply both sides.

Nothing new there the RIAA been doing it for years.


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Read what I said, Nick...

by Vulpinemac In reply to Most music is pirated?

<i>"Yes, some music is pirated by people, but the majority seem to still be using iTunes one way or another..."</i>
I, too, have a pretty extensive CD library... and tapes... and LPs... and 45s.

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I used your words

by NickNielsen In reply to Read what I said, Nick...

That they are no longer in your post is not on me...

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And I have almost no CD's

by Slayer_ In reply to I'm fine with being wrong ...

Primarily because I won't pay for music to be a DRM locked file, but its near impossible to find heavy metal music CD's in Winnipeg, which is basically a giant farm town. Country, Rap, and Pop are my only choices...
Maybe you guys still have CD's because your all old people, I seriously doubt anyone born after 1990 has many CD's.

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by jck In reply to And I have almost no CD's

I know several people born after 1990 who have CDs. They just have them in their house only. They take their iPod/MP3 player in their car and to the office with them now.

I have like 300 CDs I think. I don't use them actively, as I have a laptop I listen to music on as I work/surf.

Of course, I could say the same thing about albums. No one born after 1965 has many albums since CDs have come along.

Oh wait, I have over 150 albums...and a working turntable too. :-0

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to And I have almost no CD's

Although you may have a point. Personally, I've got CD players at home, in both vehicles, and at work for the old stuff; and I don't listen to enough new music to make it worth buying it in any other format.

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