I'm getting emails where both Source IP & Destination IP are my own ID

By SulagnaIIMC ·
PLEASE help me!
I'm getting mails from a colleague, from his GMail ID to my GMail ID. When I'm clicking on "Show Original", the technical details are showing that, Sender's (colleague's) IP address and Receiver's (my own) IP address are both the same. How is this possible?
Can it happen that he somehow has accessed my system - hacked, I mean - and thus, he is logging in to his GMail ID from MY laptop, sending the mail to my ID, and then logging out?
He is also sending harassing emails to other people who are now involving the cops. What will happen if my own IP address comes out as the Source?
I use wireline broadband in India (using DSL router) & colleague is apparently vacationing in Singapore. Then how can both Source & Destination IDs be the same??
Kindly help me!

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