I'm having problem with a peer to peer wireless connection on Xp

By szarrabian ·
I read your article and it seems quite helpful. I'm having problem with setting up a peer to peer wireless connection between a notebook (Fujitsu-Siemens amilo 7400) and an Acer aspire one through their wi-fi's.
Here's the information on both systems you may like to know:

-wireless adaptor on systems: works fine and turned on
-Os: both Xp - sp3
-Tcp/ip: set to and 11
-SSI myClass
-Network authentication: open
-Data encryption: Disabled
-Connection tab: Connect when this network is in raange check box is on
-Advanced setting: computer to computer (ad hoc) networks only mode selected
-automatically connect to non-preffered networks checkbox off
-firewall setting off
-antivirous deactivated
-administrator password: none

the problem I'm having is that when I get "wireless network connection status" there are some sent but there is no reveived it is zero no matther how much time passes.
I also should say that if I ping the other system IP address from each notebook the received changes for each time ping does the action.
Also in network places -> view workgroup computers I just see the notebook I'm working with and not the other one. (Sometimes after some time passes the Acer one shows the other notebook but when I click on the other system to view the content it gives me an error as: \\Notebook1 is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. contact the administor....
The network path was not found.

I would highly appreciate any help in this regard.

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OK I'm not sure to what you are referring to when you say

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I'm having problem with a ...

I read your article and it seems quite helpful.

Have you run the Wireless Network Setup Wizard in XP?

It is located here

Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communication. When you run this Wizard you need to enable File & Printer Sharing and then share something on each system for them to be visible to the other NB.


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Couple of thoughts:

by robo_dev In reply to I'm having problem with a ...

subnet mask the same?

what default gateway is set?
(both should be blank)

Make sure 802.1x authentication is disabled.

Is the workgroup name the same?

So can either device ping the other one?

a couple of diag commands that may shed some light on the situation:

ipconfig /all

net statistics workstation

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stupid, but important

by Snuffy09 In reply to Couple of thoughts:

Make sure the time is the same on all workstations.

That was the only thing preventing me from creating a smooth flowing workgroup one time.

Still kicking myself.

I think somebody else said it too, but make sure you have file & print sharing enabled.

Also, make sure username you are using is a user on the other workstation with same permissions. and Vise versa (if the other machine needs access to your computer)

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Just curious

by tardcart In reply to I'm having problem with a ...

Why you're setting up an ad-hoc network in the first place.

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This is what I think

by szarrabian In reply to Just curious

Well, I think because I have the wi-fi on both systems and I can?t afford to buy an access point for just 2 notebooks to get connected.

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Get connected to what?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to This is what I think

You don't necessarily need to setup peer to peer to share one internet connection. Is that what you're really trying to share?

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Not only the connection

by szarrabian In reply to Get connected to what?

No I need to share my files between my computers and it?s not just about the Internet connection

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