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    I’m having trouble reinstalling WinME


    by bruceb ·

    I have a Compaq Presario (#5108). Per Compaq’s recommendation, we re-installed WinME from the Options/Cabs folder.

    At the very end (after Windows sets up hardware and any plug & plays) it asks for username and company name.

    I put in what I thought would work, but apparently it doesn’t match what Windows is looking for. The error message states that “Setup cannot verify End User License Agreement. Windows Millenium Edition cannot setup without this agreement. Setup will now close.”

    I can get into safe mode. How can I either get past this, or determine the info required?

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      Safe Mode

      by jellimonsta ·

      In reply to I’m having trouble reinstalling WinME

      Once booted into safe mode, right click on my computer and go into properties. It should tell you who the computer was originally registered to.

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        Worked like a charm

        by bruceb ·

        In reply to Safe Mode

        Thanks for your help. This piece of info was important to verify the proper entries in those fileds for username and company info.

        someone else told me about the license.txt file and what needed to be done with that. Both tips were necessary to clear the obstacle.

        thanks again!!!

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