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I'm in now what's next .....

By jabney ·
Hello all,
I have been the IT field about six months. I am at a position that I don?t find desirable at this moment in time. I am in a reporting position. (Working with databases).
I want to make a move to bigger and better things. I want more of a DBA/DBO role. What steps do you think I need in order to get to that position? My short term goal is to become a Junior DBA. Are positions like that practical or possible to achieve at the level I am at now, or should I just cool down and stay a while ?? I need some guidance

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Have you considered getting certified in Oracle and such?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I'm in now what's next .. ...

It's not a guarantee to instant wealth, but it will certainly open some doors for you and will give you some bargaining power when negotiation salary. Just make sure you have the knowledge to back up your cert or you will become just another paper cert, as is common in IT these days. I've seen Junior DBA positions, but you have to keep looking and find a company that is willing to have someone take you under their wing and mentor you. Being that you lack work experience, take it slow and work your way up by taking consulting assignments until you gain enough work experience to land a job at a large firm wghere they will expose you to bigger systems and more responsibility. If you aren't married and don't have a mortgage to hold down, you have a lot more flexibility than you think. I on the other hand cannot afford to take on temp/consulting jobs because I have a family to feed and a mortgage to pay.

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spot on

by 2WiReD In reply to Have you considered getti ...

i competly agree with R.Z on the certification point. its a relativetly quick and easy to get a solid footing, as well as ensuring that d/bases are the area for you. certification alone wont get you there sweet and easy but it will get your foot in the door. always handy to set up home examples/projects etc to get the experience, and theres plenty of small 'cheap and cheerful' contracts to be won out there online [weekend projects for schools etc] that you can use to build experience/confidence and a portfolio.

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I hear you ...but still

by jabney In reply to Have you considered getti ...

I am the second it took me a while to get where I am at now so I am not trying to **** it. If anything I am looking for a "safe and somewhat secure pathway" to getting what I want. As a reporter I am being exposed to diffrent apps like Crystal Reports and Access. Do you know any good books or CBT that I could use to help me in my quest, also do you think there are any programing languages that would be useful to know that will help me ..since I am doing reporting I am coming across as a person to create basic interfaces to make/edit data on the database ??? I am still getting my feet wet so ........

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Learn your job

by BHunsinger In reply to I'm in now what's next .. ...

Unable to tell much about you from your profile, so I'll assume that this is your first fulltime job. As such, buid the work habits that will stand you in good stead down the road. What training is availabel from your company, either in house or on a corporate website. Find someone who you respect at the shop and learn from him/her 6 months, they are still checking to see if you will work out. Learn how the company you are at does thing in their DB good and bad.
This is not "keep you nose to the grind stone and come up for air 30 years from now." Be there a year or so, make sure all the options where you are have been checked out and network like crazy.
The people you impress here can be references for a long time. They also can be where you want to be as well.
If you have no certs, and this is you first job, don't be so anxious to run the company. You have to pay some dues somewhere.

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Been here for a while

by jabney In reply to Learn your job

I have been at this company for over 4 years. I know what the company is about. The problem is that i do have the mentors in the department. they are concerned about tier own problems and concens. I am looking into getting some offical training outside of the company but I wanted advice on molding my path so that I could move with some confidence.

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Take your lumps for 2 years

by jmgarvin In reply to I'm in now what's next .. ...

1) Get some kind of DB cert
2) Get about 2 years of experience
3) If don't have one, get a degree (preferably in CS or IT)
4) Take your time! You want to make sure you actually like this track and the DBs are you bag.

Make sure that you aren't too itchy to get out and get another job, the market is a little slow and you might be shooting yourself in the foot.

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Having the goal is good

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I'm in now what's next .. ...

working towards it is sensible.
But remeber in IT experience terms 6 months means you might be ready for potty training.

Do you have DBA's where you work now?.
Is there room within the business for a junior DBA
Will the business pay for the training (Oracle DBA training for instance is very exacting, time consuming and expensive)

If the answer to all three is yes and you can get buy in from your employer, (mention a trial period as the DBA's gopher if they are reluctant on aptitude grounds), then go for it.

If you can't then you need to learn as much as you can, try and employ what you learn (I don't mean restructure the business database LOL) as much as you can. While looking for an employer who will provide the environment you want.
Good DBA's don't grow in the wild, they are the result of careful nurturing.

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Work ethic and Oracle knowledge needed

by cl_fart In reply to Having the goal is good

I have just moved into a DBA position after 14 years as a developer. I think that work ethic and Oracle knowledge are the most important things needed to be a DBA. Work ethic is important because there are times that you will need to work (holidays, weekends, evenings) that you may not want to work. Oracle knowledge is important because the developers look to the DBAs to be the Oracle "gurus", having all the answers (given enough information and time).

I think you should stay at your current job for at least 2 years and learn Oracle inside and out!

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Definitely if you want to be

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Work ethic and Oracle kno ...

an Oracle DBA. You'd need two years on the job to read the documentation.
Being a MySQL "DBA" is much simpler.

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So you want to be a DBA , article.

by mike.gall In reply to I'm in now what's next .. ...

Please see the following articles. I will assist you in your persuit of being a DBA.,289202,sid41_gci1077095,00.html

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