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Im looking for a mentor

By Fvazquez ·
As I read in some article or post here I think mentorship (I don?t now if is a correct word) is a great idea for the new people entering in the IT business. I have been in the industry for about 5 years but I felt I have a lot to learn and I don?t have somebody to ask questions and concerns about several things about industry related issues and I think that a person who have been in the industry can help me will be a great advance in my career.

Sorry for my bad English but am not from the states. If anyone here is interested please post here.

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by MadMark In reply to Im looking for a mentor

I am a strong believer in knowledge sharing and mentorship, having instituted cross-training and similar programs within my own and other departments. The key to this sort of interaction is making it a WIN/WIN. In other words, if you want to take advantage of someone else's knowledge and experience, what are you offering in return?

Philanthropy is one thing, but if there is no gain for the mentor, what is the point? It soon becomes a drain. I am proud of the people that I have mentored, however they are also proud, as they had the opportunity to teach the old dog a few new tricks as well. My most recent work was with a friend that had been a manager in Zellers, a local department store. He lost his job, and decided to explore his interest in computers. I helped him with a networking course that we both had enrolled in. He asked me to teach him what I know, and in return he instructed me in karate since he is a black-belt.

Well, it has been 8 years. He is now a Senior ITmanager for a multi-national computer security company, and doing very well. I managed to get as far as green belt in karate before my knees gave out. But I had fun, made some new friends, and had more joy in my life because of it.

So, tell me kohi (small man) webmaster, what do you bring to Sensei? (Teacher)

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All i have now is my knowledge

by Fvazquez In reply to Mentorship

Well we can share knowledge for now I have been in the industry for 5 years so i now some tricks and I read a lot and surf a lot looking for new things so all I can do is share my knowledge.

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BTW: Security is an Issue...

by ghstinshll In reply to All i have now is my know ...

I'm not sure if you like this idea or not, but using your "webmaster" email address for a public company for things like this is not exactly an ideal security practice for your company. If this is true, consider setting up a yahoo or hotmail accountand using that on techrepublic. If this isn't feasable, consider setting up an alias with your mail server to accept mail under this alias at the company instead of your all-powerful webmaster account.

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Use the forums

by TheChas In reply to Im looking for a mentor

From my experiance, the mentor / protoge relationship works best if you are near each other.

My best personal experiances have been with co-workers at the same firm.

If that is not an option, use the discussion center and Q&A forums here at Tech Republic.

If you word your questions specifically enough, you will get a lot of input.


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Finding a Mentor

by maxwell edison In reply to Im looking for a mentor

First of all I have to say that, in my opinion, a mentor is vastly different than a trainer. A trainer will share knowledge and experience, and probably expect something in return (but not always). A mentor will fall into one of two camps. Perhaps one type of mentor is someone assigned (or just falls into place) to temporarily show you the ropes, so to speak.
But another kind of mentor is one who will share wisdom and vision – not necessarily associated with one’s profession - butas it pertains to living life, setting goals, and the like. And a true mentor will neither want nor expect anything in return for offering that guidance and wisdom to a fledgling professional. Satisfaction in seeing someone succeed and do good things will be reward enough. In addition, most mentors see helping/guiding someone else as a way of paying something back – or more accurately, paying it "forward". For example, I do something for you, but instead of you paying me back, per se, youpay that "debt" to someone else who subsequently pays someone else, and so on. Paying it forward. Passing it on.

To specifically answer your question, finding a mentor can take several paths. A mentor doesn't necessarily have to know that he/she is being a mentor. You don't even have to personally know your mentor. (For example, some of my mentors are Billy Graham and George W. Bush - neither of whom I've ever met.) Find someone who has traits you'd like to emulate, and then emulate them. It's kind of like, "I'd like to grow (or grow up) to be like so-and-so.” Some people may already be a mentor to you, and you don’t even realize it. (A parent, big brother/sister, coach, friend/acquaintance you admire, etc.) Then again, there may be cases where there is a person specifically designated - or maybe just fall into – a mentorship with someone. Many organizations, for example, have such mentor progra

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finding a Mentor - continued

by maxwell edison In reply to Finding a Mentor

(The last word of my previous message is "programs".)

The right time, the right place, the right circumstances will dictate if/when/how you find a mentor. In short, there is no one answer to fit all people and all circumstances.

Look at these articles on mentors: (part 1) (part 2),4621,293654-----,00.html

(REMOVE SPACES that may have snuck into the pasted URLs.)

And remember, being a mentor to someone else may be just as rewarding – or more rewarding – than beingthe “mentee”. (Is that a real word?)


Maxwell Edison

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Pay It Forward...

by ghstinshll In reply to Finding a Mentor

Great analogy there, I had completely forgotten about that movie, but it's very true in the tech industry... That's why experienced people go teach in small tech schools, etc., so that they can do that.

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You have 5000 interns here.

by ghstinshll In reply to Im looking for a mentor

Use techrepublic as your mentor, and us (the population) to ask those questions. We're here, all answering in our own experience and expertise in given areas. If you find someone from your country, great, but this is seriously a great resouce!

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Mentors, I mean!

by ghstinshll In reply to You have 5000 interns her ...

Mentors, I mean!

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by Fvazquez In reply to Mentors, I mean!

Thanks for all of the advice that you guys gave me. I have been passing thru a very dificult times im my professional life and i got a little confused about my carrer thats why i ask for the mentor.I m sure that techrepublic is a grate place and i will follow your advices.

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