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    Im New In Exchange Server


    by jm2006_santos ·

    Hi to all,

    im am new to exchange server, i to install a exchange server 2007 at my home for studying purpose. i install it properly, i can send and recieve email locally but not in outside from internet. i have internet connection at home is a broadband connection and i register my domain name to

    can some guide me, what more should i need to or what are the requirements setting so that i can send and recieve email from the internet. should i need a public ip address or can i use my internet connection only without public ip address.

    pls kindly help me, thank in advance..

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      by jm2006_santos ·

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      Internet mail

      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      You need a public static IP address (you can use DynaDNS if you wish instead) to create a static address and you need a MX (mail exchange) record in DNS to point to your Hub Transport server to receive mail from internet.

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      RE:Im New In Exchange Server

      by ameack ·

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      Create an account in its Free.
      either run the DYNDNS tool on the server or point it from your ADSL router as most of the ADSL modems have this service in in-built.Then choose your hostname to do Mail routing which will ask for MX records.
      Provide with the Exchange domain you have created and you can use your email.
      hope its helpful

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