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I'm Not a Pirate, But I know A few ARGGH

By MallardtooXX ·
This is something that has been festering for a couple of weeks now so I am gonna let it dump here. There was a discussion about Piracy and the fact that it is a bad thing, which it is I concede. The part that frosts me is this, everyone was talking about how it is morally and ethically wrong to Pirate, how it costs companies billions in rev. Blah blah blah. No one stops to think that the software we are suing right now be it windows or mac was, initially, Pirated from IBM. I dunno, if not bill and steve would this be a unix/linux world?

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It's a Pirate's Life for Me!!!

by jkaras In reply to I'm Not a Pirate, But I k ...

Piracy to me is not morally or ethically wrong. CEO's etc... make a ridiculous amout of profit margin that is figured into to price of said product to compensate for any variance in profit whether it be software, movies, or music. These greedy individuals havent worked a hard day in their life and they dont care whether you are satisfied with said product or not, only profit. They use spin doctoring to their employees to take the company's side with "its coming out of your paycheck and future of the company if allowed" Lets face it, even if they received a higher margin of profit without any piracy, do you think for 1 second that they would invest in their employees rather than giving themselves a big fat raise as a reward for their genius? Better insurance, raises, I think not. We make them rich off our ideas and hard work, they just distribute the product and claim the success for themselves. These are the same people that steal ideas from others and put out their own version and ifyou had an idea they would steal it from you and attack you with a fleet of lawyers so you would never seee a dime. Where's their morality or ethics? I say we have a right to even the score because no one will play the game of life with morality, especially at the cost of $s. HARRR ME MATIES PLUNDER AT WILL!!!!

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by MallardtooXX In reply to It's a Pirate's Life for ...

I am so glad to see that there is someone here that sees the way things really are! It is so true there really is no ethical debate here just dollar signs! Like I said If it weren't for Bill and Steve we would prolly live in a Unix world right now...I think it is truly time for the Pirates to take a step up, after all it is OUR intelectual property they are pushin, not their's. Avast Matey, Sure the Mainstay and haul anchor Tis time gunnywhale these landlubbers and plunder their coffers!!!

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Just call me One Eye'd Willie!!! -~

by mrafrohead In reply to FINALLY

Here's my two cents. If it is truly software that you use daily. Other than MS products, you should probably pay for it. Ie. WinRAR, Nero, your ftp program if it isn't freeware, etc...

But on the flipside. Here's something that bothers me. When you do pay for software, why is it that when you have problems with it, they never want to help you??? That's where my rage against the machine begins. They're fast as **** to take your hard earned money and then when they need to fulfil theirobligation to you and give you what you paid for, they're fast to flip you the bird.

Corporations should never ever ever pirate though. Yes, I know, I'm a hypocrit (or however it's spelled). But that's how I feel

One other thing though.DivX and Mp3's. I keep hearing about people that use DivX and Mp3's that we're all just pir8's. BS - please read here----> I have mp3's of ALL of my cd's. It's hella faster to just point and click and not have to get up to find a disk, than look for the disk and put it in the tray and wait for the drive to spin up. Not to mention same for movies.

So now that I'm off track and getting close to the limit, I'm done for now, but shall return later. Don't forget, don't use the hook to get the birds crap out yer eye matie.


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by phillyphreedom In reply to FINALLY

Show me the money!

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I hope

by lou In reply to It's a Pirate's Life for ...

everything you do or create is so well done that only you have access to it. You reasoning is pathetic. You state that companies make enough money etc etc. I ran a BBS back in the 80's. I understand most of the arguments for pirating BUT if you lefta door or window open in your house or should someone find a deposit slip with your account number on the bottom,does that give them the right to steal from you because they feel that you have extra?
Mainly you spew out garbage about companies should spend extra money on employees and benefits BUT YOU! are the cause of them not being able to. You are sucking illegally from bonuses to workers, better health benfits, better woorking conditions because you are a thief. The next time you see a poor person huddling in a corner outdoors on a cold night, look at him and at yourself and decide if you helped him not have aa warm meal or a place to stay because you are a thief!

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just an opinion

by jkaras In reply to I hope

Because of me? Really? I caused the crash of Enron that families future is lost while they(Big Wigs) live it up not going to jail, Xerox hiding 3.8 billion of false revenue, amid all the rest of the other corporate scandals let alone that both George W. and Dicky Cheney were both guilty while they were head of major corporations and got away with corporate spending that cheated the government in taxes, the investors, and employees? Our president and vice pres. who now passed a law that can onlytarget any CEO presently engaged in this behavior exanorating their past crimes! This our world where we are living and I dont like it.

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by jkaras In reply to just an opinion

My point of having some mp3s or not buying a second copy of windows for my other pc didnt cause a homeless person to live like that. I dont see the harm in it any other than recording a song off the radio for personal use, its the same for me. I'm not sampling because they have more money and deserve to be cheated. I just dont have much sympathy for these individuals that ruin lives for their profit, who make toasts that "poverty sucks" at the private club they attend that costs more than most families make in a year, give excuses why they can only have the cheapest hmo for employees, claim there isnt enough to give a raise that keeps up with inflation, while they get a 30,000 raise for their brilliant decision making. I'm not out to offend anyone merely make a point that its not something that I'm going to go to jail or prision over. My sampling isnt the cause of the domino effect that the U.S.A. is currently in. These companies post profits well beyond their employee staffing and choose not to take care of the people that make it possible for them to live the lavish lifestyle. this discussion is merely a way to open eyes, not make excuses, we the people have the power and we give it over to these people without a fight ensuringthem power over us. Rather than arguing with one another on plays into their hands where our predictament never changes. I know this sounds rough but I'm not accusing you of wrong doing I just differ in opinion and not splitting hairs over the definition of stealing. I sencerley hope everyone has a great holiday season full of happiness the those who matter to them most, and if what I say offends, again it's and opinion not something personal.

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Do you think?

by MaxPower1111 In reply to cont...

I would like to have a happy holiday, but if what lou says is true, I'm gonna end up homeless because you made some archival back-ups of your software. We all know that making an archival back-up is a good measure to protect your investment........isn't it?

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I've been gone BUT

by lou In reply to just an opinion

No you are not the cause... you are a symtom with whats wrong with America, I, ME, MINE.

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Generalizations, Generalizations

by road-dog In reply to I hope

It seems that there are a lot of folks posting here about "evil" CEOs living lavishly at the expense of the downtrodden masses slaving away in their cubicles.

The spectacular crashes of several large corporations and the spotlighted abuses of some corporate executives makes the news whenever found. The vast majority of companies "doing it right" don't make the news.

If one were to generalize upon the postings in this thread, one could assume:
1) Employees feel justified in stealing from the company, they are unworthy of trust.
2) Employees feel that they are entitled to the same perks and pay scales as highly trained and experienced Senior Management; regardless of education and risk.
3) No matter how much is expended on pay, bonuses, and benefits, employees will still feel deprived if they earn less than Management.

Suffice it to say, why should Management treat you better? If they are all painted with the same wide brush as the worst among them, why shouldn't they treat you exactly as they treat the worst, most unproductive, and least valuable employee.

Don't treat every CEO like Kenneth Lay, unless you want to be regarded as Wally from Dilbert.

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