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I'm not sure these forums are helping...

By mcswan454 ·
So I've read nearly everything, and yes, I've had my daily dose of comedy.

Apple manufactures hardware and software. They make phones. They make stuff. Microsoft, is a software company. They make stuff designed (sort of) to be run on a variety of appliances (PC's, etc.). I'm actualy going to edit this to include Linux, because it is also a fine computing environment.

I'm going to regret this, but as a computer professional who uses and recommends various products to clients (One size does NOT fit all), could SOMEONE tell me what the D**K-swinging contest is about?!?!

I loved my Apple II. Right after the school replaced the aging and outdated DEC pdp8 (.">

But it didn't take long for me to realize that IBM PC's had the floor. PLEASE understand some history before unleashing some of the attacks I expect.

And yes, I'm dating myself but that's ok.

What I ask is, will everyone -- AND I MEAN EVERYONE -- go do some research about the various companies, learn some of their histories, successes and catastrophic failures, then come back and have a civil discussion?

Say what you wish, but I fear some of "us" are not techs, not geeks, not real computer users for what they are designed to do.

I don't own an iPad, but I might. Don't own any other type of tablet... But I might. And as far as phones go? I?m sorry (Guys/Gals/Kids/Anyone else I didn?t include), I REALLY only use mine to place and receive calls.

I'm a tech (in the worst way) but I REFUSE to remain connected UNLESS IT PAYS THE BILLS! I like to sleep at night, and other things (my girlfriend being one of them, but this is a family show.) Being too-well connected MIGHT get me more money, but will absolutely destroy my health, my ability to engage with others, etc. Been there....

Do you feel you're accomplishing MORE now? Or, rather, HAVE you accomplished more? Honestly? So what matters?

See where this goes? "We are Borg. Resistance is futile."

Would you believe I still like face-to-face conversation? Would you believe I don't mind going out for dinner, drinks and a "Shoot-the s**t" with friends? I actually go to the library in the evenings to read (new concept here) BOOKS!!!

Yes, I teach also. So occasionally learning from the past my help my students in their future.

And phone texting?

Only if it's in an emergency, and somewhere where my voice would disturb others. (Why have it otherwise?)

In the rush to become "more connected", we've disconnected ourselves. And I'm going to let you in on a secret, which I hope some, even the bloggers, may take to heart:

Sometimes, you get what you deserve. Sometimes, you deserve what you get.

Now read it a second time.

(Sorry Steve, I had no choice, and you KNOW it! And Bill, let this Ballmer guy keep up his "s**t", I'll be on your back too.)

Read through the blogs, this becomes painfully clear. Read a newspaper, it becomes painfully clear.

As with my customers; my clients, I'll choose what I need based on the need, and whom best fills it.

Isn't that simple? Could you live with that, or shall you Google me, hunt me down, and make me pay for NOT choosing your brand?

But thanks again for the laughs... And you wonder why we're at WAR? We can't even hold a civil debate!


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Well that made for a fun read

by Slayer_ In reply to I'm not sure these forums ...

But what are you talking about?

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OK then.

by seanferd In reply to I'm not sure these forums ...

Care to point to any example?

Anyone can come into the forum and say whatever they want. Just like you did. Whether or not they have any facts or make any sense.

What is your proposal?

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Stick around a bit longer...

by dawgit In reply to I'm not sure these forums ...

We do have some very good discussions here, some even a wee bit technical. It happens sometimes.
One thing to keep in mind here is have a sense of humor, and never take anything personally. (just a hint)
I know I'm late, (I must have been sleeping) but Welcome to TR.

Edited because my spell checker was out to lunch.

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My Bad,,,

by mcswan454 In reply to I'm not sure these forums ...

I actually transferred this from a post of mine elsewhere in wanting to understand the need for the "fanboy" mentality. I edited it heavily (Learning that it can still be read before I update), but I understand.

Let's just say I have given us a spot here to just **** off some steam, instead of the forums where we should be sharing our expertise and solving problems (I believe sites of this type were for techies to come to discuss).

Or more simply: I got a wild hair up my a** and decided to spout off. Join me.

So if it doesn't make too much sense, well the sentence up says it all.


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by Jaqui In reply to My Bad,,,

yup, we do use the forums to resolve technical difficulties.

but it long ago became standard practice here on TR to let the conversational aspects of the forum to have fairly free reign.

This does "clutter" a discussion with off topic posts, and adds plenty of humour, but it is also a natural conversational flow.

if you were working right beside someone and talking about the issues you were dealing with there would be banter between you on different things, we like that banter in our discussions here. It is what has made TR so addictive to many people over the years.

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You can't

by seanferd In reply to My Bad,,,

understand the fanboy mentality. You can only experience it, and by then, it's too late.

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You wanna see fanboys?

by JamesRL In reply to My Bad,,,

Try some of the photographic forums. Someone who has been shooting Nikon or Canon since the 70s has some pretty strong opinions, despite the fact that the technology has radically changed.

We're fairly tame when you get to know us.

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I don't know James

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You wanna see fanboys?

From my personal experience Blads are better than either Canons and Nikon's.

Though they are somewhat more expensive but a lot more reliable.


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But professionals see them as tools

by JamesRL In reply to I don't know James

Blad owners tend to be pros who see them as tools. There are many pros who shoot Canon and Nikon who switch back and forth. I see them dump their stuff on ebay or offer to trade for the other gear. They switch to get the right lens or one or two features that are important to them.

But its the hobbiests who drive ya nuts with their 30 years of dedicated fanatacism.

If I was shooting film, I'd love to have a blad, but since I've moved to digital (still have my Nikkormat though) I think even the full frame cameras are more than I need.


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I've still got my AE-1

by NickNielsen In reply to But professionals see the ...

28 years later. I was doing all right with it and taking lots of pictures until I got married.

Then I could no longer afford the film.

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