I'm so confused!!!! No input signal.

I am beyond lost. I have a new motherboard and my moniter when plugged in syas no input signal whether the computer is on or off. I unplugged all drives and removed motherboard from case with only motherboard and power supply attached. Still sayd no input signal. I tested the motherboard at the store with my ram and it works. I tested the moniter and power supply with another computer and they both work. But when I put them all together, no dice. What do I do?

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It may be due to improper grounding

by w2ktechman In reply to I'm so confused!!!! No in ...

of the motherboard. Pay special attention to its installation.

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Dead Easy this one

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I'm so confused!!!! No in ...

The problem here is the Power Supply. When they are over stretched you get a No Signal Available message on new Monitors when the Computer is turned on.

When this happens replace the PS with a higher powered one and preferably from one of the better PS makers like Antec and do not use the no name brands which only are rated to Peek Values not constant Load Values.


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Really? I havent run into this issue before

by w2ktechman In reply to Dead Easy this one

Hmm, must make a note of this. However, I primarily work on pre-built business class systems from manufacturers, which may be why I havent seen this issue.
Oh yes, I agree, Antec is the only PS that I use for my stuff.

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Funny you should say that.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Really? I havent run int ...

But I had one system that I build for a Business returned but only after the owner had replaced the M'Board, RAM, Video Card and CPU. When power was applied the monitor showed a message that there was no signal or that the Video Lead was disconnected. I replaced the PS and it worked which was slightly galling to the guy in question as he had bought all of these parts because he didn't want to pay me to fix the computer. Pity that he didn't save anything and wasted a lot of money but that had a Antec PS in it and it wasn't one of the bottom of the range ones either.

However on the up side only the PS was damaged in that case and when it was replaced everything worked perfectly. Pity that the rest of the computers in the building didn't though they all needed new PS, and basically everything inside the case replacing. They had a truck hit a power pole and bring the High Voltage into contact with the Mains Supply. And the one that I built was the only one that cost under $100.00 to repair.

Funny thing but after that I do all of their work now and supply all of their hardware. They very quickly worked out that saving a few hundred $ on the original purchase was no saving when something went horribly wrong. They only had the one computer in the building that worked from the repair which took less than a 20 minutes to fix once they called me.


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by VANTEKS1 In reply to Dead Easy this one

I replaced the power supply with a new one.
Now i've got video. But now I have a new
problem. I'll make a new post of it.

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couple questions.....

by ---TK--- In reply to I'm so confused!!!! No in ...

Is your graphics card intergraded in the motherboard? or do you have one that attaches to the board? if you have both, did you disable the onboard graphics card in the BIOS? Also If you have a graphics card attached, do you need to supply it with additional power? Alot of the high power graphics cards are power hungry and need the extra connection.... Also does your monitor have two leads in? (VGA & DVI) try switching them... also with your graphics card, is it dual monitor out? swap outputs.... Good luck!! if you want to post your specs that would be helpful too....

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