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I'm sorta back TR

By j.lupo ·
Hi everyone. Some of you may remember me from last year. I dropped off for a while while doing the job hunting, school, and RL stuff. For those that remember, I have been working towards an advanced degree while working in the field.

My focus has been on leadership and partnering on IT/IS projects in organizations. Well I am back and hoping to start participating in discussions again. now that my research website is up and I am just finishing outlining my final chapters. For those interested about my research you can check out my blog entry or my survey website

I think the link below will get you to my blog here at TR.

J. Lupo

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Welcome back

by sMoRTy71 In reply to I'm sorta back TR
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Thanks! - Did you Know

by j.lupo In reply to Welcome back

I am glad to be back. A lot has been happening and I am still playing catch up. :)

Did you know that according to a Morgan Stanley report by Phillips in 2002, overexpenditures on IT projects are 130 billion dollars and increasing by 2% a year? The reason was reported to be misalignment between business and technology on IT projects.

That was just one of the figures that made me stand up and take notice. As a professional in the field, why aren't we finding solutions to the issues of IT projects? That is what I set out to do with my own research and hope to get perspectives from members here at TR. Of course, if they want to take the survey that would be best, but otherwise they can comment to the discussion if they want.

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Wondered about that

by jdclyde In reply to I'm sorta back TR

you dropped off pretty quickly, without even a "taking time off" note that I can recall.

Will be by later this week to check out your survey.

Welcome back.

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Sorry about thate

by j.lupo In reply to Wondered about that

Yeah, I had some really tight deadlines that I had to hit and so I hunkered down to get them done. :) I am glad to be back in the fold now though. RL kind of snuck up on me too.

I may not be fully active till I am done the research, but I know it will be useful to IT and business practitioners. I have been learning alot about real world IT project failures and successes. It is an interesting issue. One of the really interesting things was that skills were not the big issue, at least not technical skills.

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by Jaqui In reply to I'm sorta back TR

just what we needed. j. lupo back.

and here I had thought Oz had chased you off for good

welcome back, we knoew you would be, you are addicted.

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Me scared off --- NEVER!!! ;-)

by j.lupo In reply to uh-oh

Never ever do I get scared off and yes I am very addicted. There is too much useful information here at TR and the people aren't bad either.

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