I'm taking opinions on raid 6 solutions for a sata based 40tb NAS.

By secretkept ·
Hey guys, im looking to get some ideas on raid 6 or raid 6 comparable solutions for a 40TB sata-disk based NAS. I'm currently thinking of an Areca ARC-1280 with 24 Seagate Barracuda xt 7200rpm ST32000641AS drives. I'm planning on running all 24 drives in raid 6 atm for the 2 drive redundancy and atleast some reasonable performance. I dont mind paying a bit more for performance so long as i can try hard to maintain 2 drive failure redundancy. I realize the drives are sata 6gb which i like at the moment for future proofing, if i could find a comparable or better raid card for around 1,000$ u.s. that is sata 6gb compliant i'd love to hear some suggestions. Also the drives are negotiable, i saw these and didnt really look much further as before i was thinking of a Western Digital solution. I am also open minded to software raid like FlexRAID although right now i know the performance hit and reliability are probably less than a straight forward raid 6. Solutions like this however are atleast an option. My OS options are also still open.

I really dont have many requirements to this setup other than performance, reliability, availability, and lastly redundancy kind of in that order.

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