I'm Wireless Challenged!

By lafemme10 ·
I currently have the following equipment from a previous home setup. Linksys WKPC54G wireless g router, a NP100-WM 10/100 PC card, older desktop pc with ethernet port.

Now, new house, new situation:
I have just purchased a new laptop with wifi and an all in one wifi printer.

The older pc is going to be in a basement. I did not rough in any connections. The laptop and printer will be upstairs where the connection is. There is a cinderblock wall in between the two computers. Can I use the equipment I have (stated above) and set up a completely wireless network to include the basement desktop with excellent signal strength? What new hardware (if any) do I need? Is it as simple as buying a wireless usb adapteer for the desktop?

Desktop runs xp home. Laptop runs xp pro, if that matters.

Forgive me if I'm clueless, but I want to get it right from the start.

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by v_2upbha In reply to I'm Wireless Challenged! ...

The cinderblock wall should not pose any major hassles while getting the wireless network running in your house. The only thing that might be risked is the signal strength between the 2 machines, depending on the distance and the number of obstacles between them.
You might need a wireless signal strength booster/range extender if the walls/obstacles are too thick and the distance is more.
It is easy available and can be bought from any electronics store or online.

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Yes, means,...

by lafemme10 In reply to Yes

Are you saying YES to the usb wireless adapter for the basement computer? So, with that, I guess my router is now acting like an access point??

I just really want to understand this before I spend more money.


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Clarification needed

by seanferd In reply to Yes, means,...

Are you saying that you get wifi access to a wifi service directly through the laptop?

Or does the laptop get access wirelessly through the router?

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You'll need a wireless card for the desktop.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I'm Wireless Challenged! ...

The laptop is already WiFi enabled and will be able to connect to the Linksys WKPC54G wireless router (access point) which is connected to your ISP (DSL or cable) modem.

The desktop, however, only has an ethernet port. The NP100-WM PC Card wouldn't do you any good, since it only allows ethernet connection and only IF you have a PCMCIA slot to put it into. You'll need to purchase a wireless network 'card' for the desktop.

You can purchase either an internal add-in card (one which fits inside the desktop computer as long as it has an available expension slot) such as this:

... or you can purchase a USB model of the same, such as this:

(Note: You do not have to stay with LinkSys, other brands will work. I simply included these links as a picture of what you're looking for. However, for ease of installation, I try to stay with the same brand. Of course, depending on if you PC is low profile or high profile, the SIZE of card you purchase could make a diffence too.)

Once the desktop is WiFi enabled, you should be able to connect it to the WiFi router exactly the same way you would connect the laptop to it. As previously stated though, you MAY need a signal booster to increase the signal strength in the basement. Only way to tell is to connect and see how the signal strength is.

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I don't know about where you live

by tintoman In reply to I'm Wireless Challenged! ...

But here in the UK we have nifty little devices called powerline ethernet home plugs, you plug one in to a wall socket near your router and attach it to the router via ethernet cable
You also plug one into the wall near your basement pc and attach it to the pc by ethernet cable, the network traffic then passes through the electrical wiring in your house and voila! internet access anywhere in the house with up to 5 or 6 ethernet or wireless home plugs

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They do

In fact Netgear has that as well as a powerline access point that works fairly well.

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Should be OK

by manxann In reply to I'm Wireless Challenged! ...

Should be no problem. I have a Belkin wireless-g router in the living room and 2 PCs using wireless USB dongles downstairs, my grandsons bring their Apple laptops and connect without problems from upstairs. Should you want to print from the PC you will have to install the printer driver on that machine.

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