iMac late 2009 Black Death screen

By Kentertainments75 ·
I have 21.5” iMac late 2009 model 1311. When I bought it it was with incomplete os installed till disk utility.

1 Internal display Was work

2 external display was work

3 usb bootable

but facing 3 problems

1 dead pram battery

2 late start button response

3 Mac hdd show multiple error message while OS X installation.

after replacing same model number pram battery.

1 Display stop working. Internal & external.

2 usb bootable stop working.

3 I replaced new display lcd cable, pram battery & vertice synchronised cable.

4 mac hdd showing multiple errors that is why I make partition through trans MAC software through windows.

5 tried new hdd also

6 try prm reset, safe mode, options to boot, bootable, external display, another Mac OS clone via usb hdd, f1 f2 brightness, heat sink for processor & graphic card, almost everything.

current stage

1 Imac work

2 start sound & chimp sound work

3 fan work

3 led diagnostic light work

4 No display

please help

read almost more than 50 articles & 40 YouTube videos
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