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    iMac late 2009 Black Death screen

    by kentertainments75 ·


    I have 21.5” iMac late 2009 model 1311. When I bought it it was with incomplete os installed till disk utility.

    1 Internal display Was work

    2 external display was work

    3 usb bootable

    but facing 3 problems

    1 dead pram battery

    2 late start button response

    3 Mac hdd show multiple error message while OS X installation.

    after replacing same model number pram battery.

    1 Display stop working. Internal & external.

    2 usb bootable stop working.

    3 I replaced new display lcd cable, pram battery & vertice synchronised cable.

    4 mac hdd showing multiple errors that is why I make partition through trans MAC software through windows.

    5 tried new hdd also

    6 try prm reset, safe mode, options to boot, bootable, external display, another Mac OS clone via usb hdd, f1 f2 brightness, heat sink for processor & graphic card, almost everything.

    current stage

    1 Imac work

    2 start sound & chimp sound work

    3 fan work

    3 led diagnostic light work

    4 No display

    please help

    read almost more than 50 articles & 40 YouTube videos

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      I’m going with the most obvious, but not necessarily correct, suggestion.

      by mrmacfixit ·

      In reply to iMac late 2009 Black Death screen

      During what sounds like multiple tours of the inside of this iMac, a video cable, or two, did not get reconnected correctly.
      To troubleshoot, before dismantling the thing again you will need a mini display port to VGA adapter and a VGA monitor.
      With that connected, you should see something if all the graphics are working which would mean the LCD connections are the likely cause.
      Nothing on a second monitor does not bear thinking about.
      BTW, Apple class this iMac as obsolete

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        [Late 2009 iMac] Black Screen/No screen activity when booting?

        by likeadiamondinthes ·

        In reply to I’m going with the most obvious, but not necessarily correct, suggestion.

        I have had this problem for a while and the iMac has been in storage for a year or two. Recently tried to get it working.

        I have reset PRAM and SMC etc. and booted in safe mode etc. the machine chimes accordingly but there is absolutely no lights/colours/changes on the screen.

        Occasionally when it boots the fans go crazy and it sounds like it’s going to take off.

        If left on it seems to overheat. Even in cool, dark conditions.

        Another thing to note is it was taken out of storage at my dads place, at his request to either get it working or get rid of it. He said he plugged it in and it booted fine with screen working. I came over that day, took it to my place and plugged it in and it doesn’t work. I even tried it with my newer iMacs power cable.

        Any ideas on what could be wrong or what I can try?

        Thank you

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          Something you could try, just a long shot.

          by mrmacfixit ·

          In reply to [Late 2009 iMac] Black Screen/No screen activity when booting?

          Unplug the iMac and then hold the power button down for at least 30 seconds.
          Plug it back in and try to boot again.
          Racing fans could mean something has become dislodged, unlikely, or that a second boot, the one at your house, was enough to kill something after being dormant for so long.

          This iMac is designated at obsolete and will only support MacOS 10.13.6, a version which will have extreme difficulty accessing the internet.
          I would be loathe to throw any money at it

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