iMac running slow after software updates

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Does anyone know how to speed up your mac once you've run system updates? I have gotten in to the habit of not doing updates now because every time it runs slow for a day or so. It's pretty frustrating and I hope there is a way to avoid the granny speed afterwards.
Windows never used to do this.
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What MacOS are you running?

by ethanjarvis1994 In reply to iMac running slow after s ...

There could be several reasons why your iMac is slowing down:

1: Macintosh HD Space running out
2: Low RAM space
3: Traditional storage drive

I suggest you remove all the junk files from the disk follow the below steps -

1-Uninstall the unused Apps from Mac
2-Move large files to an external drive
3-Empty the trashbin

Further, I recommend you to upgrade the RAM and your internal drive to an SSD.

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You might have too many apps running

by samgord In reply to iMac running slow after s ...

You might have too many apps running
Solution: Close running apps to speed up macOS
When your Mac is running slow because of app overload, you need to find the ones that cause the problem.

Follow these steps:

Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor
Click on the Memory tab
Click on the Memory column to sort the memory hogs from worst to least

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