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    Image doesn’t work


    by anishved ·

    Dear techs

    I have to create an SOE of Dell D531 laptop for clients. operating System Windows XP. They have different applications as well.
    Currently we are having other images that works (Dell Latitude D620/D630 Dell Latitude D420/D430).
    We are using SMS2003 server to deploy new images.
    I tried to Image D531 using these images. I am able to image the computer but it doesn’t bootup. Initially i thought might be hal.dll is the issue.
    I replaced hal.dll of the newly image computer with hal.dll of working D531 laptop. Still it doesn’t bootup. It bootsup to the point where it shows windows icon and suddenly for fraction of second it shows blue screen and then restart. I tried to repair it using windows xp disk but no success. Please suggest what can be the issue and what can be done to resolve it.
    One more thing i would like to mention D531 is using AMD processor while others Intel. Is that can be issue?

    On the other hand, i tried to image D531 using RIS with other model Pcs and it works fine. The issue is that i cannot use this images as it belongs to some other company.

    Please Reply. Its very urgent..

    Thanks in advance

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      by anishved ·

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      You can’t image one model with another model’s drivers

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      The D531 won’t be able to boot with the drivers installed for a D620/D630. Different motherboard, different processor, different everything.

      You’ll need to do a clean install on this one machine and use that to create a new image for that particular model.

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