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    Image finder software

    by hansl ·



    I would need an app to compare images in the same folder (incl subfolders) or comparing images between two folders (incl subfolders), with the resulting list of duplicates allowing for marking which images to delete.

    I have tested Bolide Image Comparer, which freezes if you click on a menu item unless you canceled a certain function shown on the screen first. Discussions on the IC forum essentially ended in 2012, and while there are some support given, my pointing out severe problems and desirable UI imporvements has resulted in no response. I have uninstalled the product.

    I also tried ImageFinder, and it found no identical images where there certainly were some. I then started a search for near-identical images among two sets of less than 400 images each today at 12 noon, and when I came back after a longer lunch at 3 pm, the program was still searching. I uninstalled this product as well.

    I have just seen that CCleaner has this function, but I have not tested it. Has anyone?

    Another is Auslogics Duplicate File Finder. Who might have tested it?

    Grateful for tips regarding apps you have some exerience with or you have seen authoritatively reviewed recently (Bolides Image Comparer hangs in there in reviews, but, of course, I would not waste my time on it again).


    Hans L

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      Never do this. Why?

      by rproffitt ·

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      I’ve read far too many “I lost my pictures” from use of duplicate file/image finders.

      BEFORE you test these you must have at least 2 backup copies so you can reclaim what you might have lost.

      There are dozens of duplicate finding apps today. For me, one is as good as the next so I won’t write which to use.

      Often I find there are more criteria such as “it must be free to use.” I find paid apps can be worth it.

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      If I were going to do this, I would use IrfanView.

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

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      With IrfanView you can view all images in a folder/directory,
      and check the metadata of each image to compare for duplicates.
      This may take a bit more time, but then you would be more assured
      that you wouldn’t accidentally delete an image you want to keep.

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      Reply To: Image finder software

      by hansl ·

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      Thank you for your replies, guys.

      I need an automatic finder; manual search is not an option for me. I checked Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, and there, I found a recommendation for Tenorshar Duplicate File Deleter (4DDiG), which I have used with very good results. It also have a very good UI.

      (Unusual for such a recommendation, but there it was.)

      Again, thanks!

      Hans L

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        You may want to keep your distance from Tenor.

        by rproffitt ·

        In reply to Reply To: Image finder software

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          Reply To: Image finder software

          by hansl ·

          In reply to You may want to keep your distance from Tenor.

          Well, Tenor was recommended by Auslogics, which was recommended by others. And Tenor even gave me a 30 % coupon. and the software ws about thirty bucks before rebate. And it works fine. And no new threats according to Windows Defender.

          Could the Reddit review possibly be a competitor-planted review? I believe that is a definite possibility, but who knows. I will keep my eye on the alert. An thanks anyway.

          Hans L

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          A few Tenorshare titles

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Reply To: Image finder software

          Are junk. Since they make money Tenor won’t be removing them from the market.

          There’s plenty of legit complaints and concerns about this company. I don’t feel it’s necessary to supply a boatload of links about it here.

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          Reply To: Image finder software

          by hansl ·

          In reply to A few Tenorshare titles

          No, I did not mean to imply that you needed to document the ‘junkness’ of Tenor any more. They may very well be what you say. I feel basically the same thing about Bolide’s ImageComparer software.

          So, we’ll leave it at that, and I will check out the other pieces of software that were lauded:

          Duplicate Photo Finder
          Duplicate Photo Cleaner’
          Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

          and maybe even CCleaner.

          Thanks for your input.

          Hans L

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