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Image of an OS on a partition...

By otrebor93 ·
Hi all,
is it possible to do a partition on my Hard Drive, and make an image of my OS Win 98 SE CD ROM, so that, when the system asks me to insert the Windows CD ROM, during an installation, I can just instruct it to get the file it needs, from that partitionn?

For Ex.:

Primary partition C Windows OS
Second partition / data
Third partition E image of WindowsOS CD RoM

Would any problems arise ?
Could I eventually do the same with a program, like Office, which keeps prompting me for uninstalled components?

I know I could try, but installing is a pain, boring process, and I would prefer to know in advance of any possible problems.

May be you've tried it before, and know if there is anything I should be aware of.

I hope you can help

Kind regards, Seth

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by LMon In reply to Image of an OS on a part ...

Yes, You can copy the entire cd to the whatever drive you want. You can either copy the entire contents of the cd or I copy just the i386 folder which where it normally gets files which are missing or needed. Once it asks you for the cd you direct it to that folder.

If you are asking about a complete installation of the system I would suggest ghosting the machine and in about 15 min. depending how fast your machine is you can have your system reinstalled on the same computer. Then all you have to do is put is restore your backed up files or get them from one of your other partitions.

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by TheChas In reply to Image of an OS on a part ...

Yes you can.

I copy the Windows CD, drivers, and updates to a separate partition when I set up new computers, and install Windows from the hard drive.
I then defragment the drive and move the page file there to improve performance.

It works "best" if you copy the CD to the hard drive first, and install the software from the hard drive.

In order to stop Windows or Office from prompting you for the CD, you need to change the Installation source key in the registry to the path the CD is copied to.


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by TheChas In reply to

For Windows 98 the registry key with the Source Path is


Just edit the Source Path key for the path that you copied the CD to.


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by otrebor93 In reply to Image of an OS on a part ...

Hi LMon ,
in regard to your answer, what do you mean by ghosting my machine ?
If the explenation is too long, could you give me a good URL, with an explenation please?

Regards, Seth

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by brian In reply to Image of an OS on a part ...

As the previous answers indicate- You can copy the CD and it is a good idea to do it- but

It is far easier to just leave the files in their own folder.

There are programs that let you creat an ISO and then use the ISO file just like a disk drive.
For instance:
FarStone Technologies VirtualDrive?
VirtualDrive emulates a physical CD-ROM drive so that CD's can be replicated and stored directly onto a PC hard drive. Create up to 23 virtual CD drives.

I you put the files in a folder like E:/OfficeCD and want windows to default to it you can often change the location without editing the registry If you simply add a single Office feature. The disk is then requested and you can choose browse and locate the file on the Hard drive. Generally the program will use the last location and revert to that for future needs. However, on a fresh install it is easiest to just load the files in folder on the HD and then install from there, for programs like Office. It installs faster and will never look to the CD. This can also be done for a network loocation.

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by wlbowers In reply to Image of an OS on a part ...

To answer your question. Yes

You do not need to create a partition.

Create a subdirectory in the windows directory called cab.

Now copy the drivers folder, the tools folder and the win98 folder into the cab directory.

Now when it wants something point it to:


It will be fat dumb and happy.

Good Luck Lee

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