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Imagine a Googled Linux !!!

By lastchip ·
There have been several snippets in TR News recently that suggest Google may be looking at producing it's own operating system. Another correspondent touched on the possibility of using Linux at the core of this (speculative) system.

This got me thinking; a rare occurrence, so make the most of it ;-)

It has been discussed as to why Linux has failed to make significant inroads on to the desktop in the USA and great parts of Europe. To me, it is quite clear. It's all about marketing (or lack of it in Linux's case) and the stranglehold Microsoft has on Pre-loaded OEM systems.

Now imagine a Linux that combines the easy interface that Xandros (my favourite), Linspire or Mandriva produces, with Google's marketing clout. Imagine every time you searched Google or switched on the TV, you had an advertisement in front of you, encouraging it's use. Imagine an integrated system, that showed just how bad Microsoft's pathetic non-compliant IE7, really is. Imagine Google turning the screws with a marketing campaign that had consumers demanding the "Google" operating system. (remember "Intel Inside" - how successful was that?)

Far fetched? Wishful thinking? Or closer to the future than we all know? I wonder......

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If that's true...

by Prolifiq In reply to Imagine a Googled Linux ! ...

... then it would make perfect sense, considering the bad blood between Google and Microsoft.

A Google/Linux alignment would give Linux the type of branding it needs to become a household (and boardroom) name. Everyone knows Google, so the right marketing would finally break Linux out of the geek circle.

But that's only if Google could put together a Linux distro that's as user-friendly (or more) than Windows. As you mentioned, Xandros or Linspire would be good choices.

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Side comment

by joe In reply to If that's true...

The myth that MS Windows is user friendly has been perpetuated so much that it it is now ingrained in almost everyone. Anyone who's been on a Mac for 10 seconds has seen that MS and "User Friendly" as mutually exclusive. When everyone really means when they say, "As user friendly as MS Windows" is that if it doesn't look like and act like MS Windows then it's not friendly. Back in the dark ages of desktop computing (about 1993 or 1994) when Win95 came out an independent study was done to compare the amount of resources, i.e. time and money, to train users to go from Win3x to Win95 and to go from Win3x to Linux (with a slightly modified fvwm setup). The results were that there was virtually no difference in the "cost" of training in either time or money. A comparison of the jump from Win9x to Win2k vs Linux of 1999/2000 would have been interesting to see.

Anyway, I'm done ranting for today. Everyone back to work.

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Flip-Side Comment

by Underground_In_TN In reply to Side comment

Ask anyone who regularly works with Windows to operate and/or reconfigure a Mac for a day or so, then tell them how user friendly Macs are.

They'll laugh you out of the room.

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i wonder . . .

by dpatillo In reply to Flip-Side Comment

I wonder if one's prior knowledge and experience (or lack there of) would slant one's opinion in this matter?

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by Underground_In_TN In reply to i wonder . . .

Like your favorite email or word processing program, it's what you first get used to and learn that is the standard by which you judge everything else.

In Windows, I already know how to do simple tasks like set up my network configuration, install programs, view a file in hex. On a Mac, (and especially in Linux) I'm lost, and as illogical as that feeling may be, I resent having to search for something that would be obvious (to me) in DOS or Windows. Nothing is obvious nor intuitive on any OS if you're not used to it, and especially if you're used to something else.

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by jgaskell In reply to Flip-Side Comment

I keep reading comments about how user-friendly Macs are, as if this is a given and a commonly accepted truth. Personally, I find Macs counter-intuitive and extremely difficult to navigate. Now, that is partly because I don't use them as often as Windows, but I don't have the same trouble with something like Gnome or KDE.

It's time to ditch the user-friendly Mac myth, I think.

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No kidding

by Threv In reply to Flip-Side Comment

Our Dept recently got responsibility for maintaining, upgrading and standardizing the Art Depts Macs. I can tell you first hand that I would not wish that job on anyone. for a "simple operating system and "Standardized" hardware, things are a lot tougher and quirkier than your led to believe. Lets not even go into deployment images and disaster recovery scenarios. I 'll take Windows (Warts and all). Leave the Mac at home or in the studio where it belongs.

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Macs? More user-friendly? On what planet?

by Prolifiq In reply to Side comment

This is certainly not an attempt to advocate Windows, but... try replacing all the Windows desktops (and servers) in an enterprise with Mac-based technology, and then just wait to see how many ecstatic users you'll have.

I've got a cellar where you can hide out when all those users are chasing you with torches and pitchforks.

The secret passcode will be, "I take back what I said about Macs being more user-friendly."

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So true...

by Vetch_101 In reply to Macs? More user-friendly? ...

The number of times I've read that Macs are more user friendly in these sort of newsgroups...

It's like it's given knowledge...

But every time I've tried out Macs, I've detested the interface...
What's with the concept of just one mouse button?
That's just ridiculous...
The more control you have at your fingertips, the better, surely... I was recently playing with an intelli-mouse on a windows system that had forward and backwards internet navigation buttons, and it made life a lot easier...
That's just one point - not to mention the obvious power of a right click context menu...

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true true

by jazzyy In reply to Macs? More user-friendly? ...

Macs are definitely not more user friendly than wins or even Microsoft. they are so counter-intuitive .. for instance why should u have to drag a CD into the waste basket in order to eject it? and no right mouse clicks sucks!

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