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Imaging for Windows NOT legal in XP

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Imaging for Windows is a product of eiStream Inc.
Their Legal Department states:

"XP users are not licensed to use Imaging for Windows. The product is not a part of the XP operating system as Microsoft is no longer licensed to distribute it. XP users who wish to have the Imaging for Windows functionality may purchase the licences."

"Further, it is in fact a copyright violation to take Imaging for Windows from a prior O/S and 'drop' it into XP; this activity is also a violation of both eiStream's and Microsoft's licenses to end users."

Imaging for Windows is available from

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Not a big deal -- I think its junk anyway!

by TomSal In reply to Imaging for Windows NOT l ...

This has zero impact on me -- I think Imaging is a weak program anyway, especially when you have Adobe products installed on your machine -- just makes Imaging look like child's play.

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Big deal for lots of users

The big deal is that many software packages use the ActiveXs that are part of Imaging for Windows - for Document Management, Records Management, Fax software and so on.
It is the de facto default TIF viewer and scanning software.
Microsoft not renewing the licence for XP leaves a large number of users with a problem - either they don't upgrade to XP or they pay $169 per PC for an imaging licence.
But I guess Microsoft don't think it is a big deal either.

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What about Picture and Fax Viewer?

by Malcolm R In reply to Big deal for lots of user ...

Doesn't it provide the same functionality?


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Well our company isn't impacted...

by TomSal In reply to Big deal for lots of user ...

We are migrating client stations to XP Pro right now, about 40% complete as I type this. We have an in-house developed scanning application to archive all our paperwork that our vendors (contractors that do the work we assign them around the country -- includes Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada as well) must send us and contracts the corporate offices (our customers consist of some of the largest Retail Chains in the world - i.e. Walmart) mail back to us -- currently we are scanning about 7500 documents per 5 day week (cycle), with our scan database already exceeding the half million mark.

All these images on a windows server system with windows based computers, not a single instance of Imaging is used AT ALL.

So..... take it out, we don't care...ZERO IMPACT.

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No concern.

by haileyan In reply to Not a big deal -- I think ...

Vendors that utilize iMaging in their own software will adapt before it becomes a crisis for anyone. I have absolutely no concerns.

No one is going to pay $169 for that piece of junk.

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My point exactly...

by TomSal In reply to No concern.

I agree fully..


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by Cactus Pete In reply to Imaging for Windows NOT l ...

So, how much did you have to pay TR to post this ad in the discussion forum?

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