imaging or cloning

By mustachemike ·
I would like to know if any one out there could recommend an imaging or cloning software to back up sever 2003, an virtual server. My dilemma is that on one of the servers, there is a partition that is only 20gigs I would like to extend this partition after I mirror it. any suggestions?

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No easy solution here I'm afraid.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to imaging or cloning

You can try Parted Magic but I wouldn't be placing all my trust in it. However it is the best option that you have with something like this.

It's free and available here though you will be asked to make a donation but this is optional.


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part magic

by mustachemike In reply to No easy solution here I'm ...

thanks for the input. I have this program and have used it before. I will give it a try

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Norton Ghost or Clonezilla

by jimmy-jam In reply to imaging or cloning

Norton you have to pay for but it is a little easier to use. CloneZilla is free and faster but not very intutitive. If space for the image file is an issue use a bootable external hard drive to store the image file on.

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space for boot

by mustachemike In reply to Norton Ghost or Clonezill ...

I guess my real question is that after I clone the image, can I repartition? My next problem is finding a scuzzy drive. This is only a temp fix. I will rebuild a new server using today's standards, but until then I need to give my client more working space on his main drive.

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What type of SCSI Drive?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to space for boot

The smaller ones like the Ultra Wide SCSI are still sold new though maybe not in the average Computer shop but they are limited in Max Size.

The Older Hot Swappable ones are a different story and are even smaller in capacity than the Ultra Wide.

But if you need the Hot Swap ones contact the Drive maker directly I've found that Seagate is very good when it comes to things like this.


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Clone first then repartition

by dldorrance In reply to space for boot

Gparted should work assuming you have free space to enlarge a partition. It can be booted from a liveCD

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