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    Imation Super Disk


    by renato_tenaglia ·

    I have just installed an external Super disk drive with a parellel port on a HP e-vectra which appears as Drive A. There is no floppy 1.44MB, only HDD & CD. However the pc does not read the data on the super disk drive, appears as 0KB and no error messages.

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      by jackofalltech ·

      In reply to Imation Super Disk

      Silly question, but, in addition to the drivers for the parallel-port interface, did you install the drivers for the drive itself?

      BTW, where did you get the drive? I have one internal and one portable that I absolutely love but I did’t think they were being made anymore.


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        Reply To: Imation Super Disk

        by renato_tenaglia ·

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        Hi Ralph, I have had this Imation SDD for about 4 years.
        I had to re-install it on a new PC. I downloaded the driver from the Imation Web site.
        Your right they have stopped making them.

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      Reply To: Imation Super Disk

      by taphilo ·

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      I don’t have a way to test this but based on my SuperDisk that I had in my PC I had to go into the BIOS and enabled both FDD settings, A and B, in there in order to get A & B drives to be seen. The SuperDisk driver then grabbed the enabled B drive and wrote to that while A acted like the 1.44 inside the SD.

      If your BIOS has a FDD option try to enable it so that the drivers for the SD has something to write to which in turn would be redirected to the parallel port where the drive actually is.

      Pure speculation that this might work but worht the 5 minutes to try it.


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