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impacts of IT in todays society

By andim1 ·
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can you guys help me its for my school project thanks

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by GSG In reply to impacts of IT in todays s ...

We at TR do NOT do your homework for you. We've been there, done that.

I'll tell you the same thing that your teacher should be telling you. You need to put in the time and effort to do this yourself, and do it right. You should have posted that you are doing a school project focused around the impact of IT in Today's society, then given a brief outline of what you are doing. Start with a premise or theory, gather your data that either supports or rebuts your theory, and sum it all up with a conclusion.

Then, you could post 3 questions as a survey (and "tell me about the impact of IT on society" is not a good question). Think up those 3 questions for yourself, and also note how the answers will be incorporated into your project.

Otherwise, you will either not get responses, or you'll get a bunch of "do your own homework" responses.

If you were really smart, you'd have those penetrating questions formulated, and instead of posting in a forum waiting for people to hand you info, you'll do some investigating and contact some of the writers directly. HINT: check out the About Us link. I bet you'll find out how to contact someone at that link.

Of course, this takes a lot of extra effort and you have to have your ideas well thought out, but if you do this right, you're set for an A. Teachers really like that extra effort (and so do employers) If you're OK just to get by, then just ignore this post.

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