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Implement SQL transactions with ADO.NET

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's .NET e-newsletter discusses implementing SQL transactions with ADO.NET. Do you use SQL Server and/or ADO.NET in your development work? Will you use some of the tips in this column? What topics would you like to see Tony Patton cover in future editions of this e-newsletter?

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DON'T implement transactions with ADO.NET!

by mwaser In reply to Implement SQL transaction ...

If you're going to implement transactions, do it within a stored procedure and call the stored procedure from ADO.NET.

Just because you CAN throw yourself in front of a speeding train doesn't mean that you should.

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Why is assigning obligatory

by AngelOM In reply to Implement SQL transaction ...

I've been working with ADO.NET for a while and I still don?t get the point in forcing the assigning of the transaction object to the command object when this should been done automaticaly the way the oracle (from oracle) provider do. I've been force to encapsulate the hole mechanism inside a group of classes that made the job.

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