Implementing AD in a existing Cisco infrastructure

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I'm a new I.T. Admin to a existing Cisco frame relay network. I have 3 Geographical locations using cisco 2600 routers tied in that make up this network and they all come through one gateway cisco 1721 which is providing dns.Each location is on a different subnet.I'm trying to simplify and implement an Domain Controller W/ A.D. for centralized control.My question is can I use DNS for Server 2003 and put all locations on same subnet?Or can I use the different subnets with on D.C. or do I need one in each location?

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you can have different subnets, sites, ...

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have to remember AD isn't a physical structure, it's a logical structure. your physical structure doesn't determine Active Directores structure.

The only caveate here is that Active Directory requires DNS to function. So the domain controllers have to have a DNS server that will answer name to IP address queries and users have to be able to query DNS servers to obtain name to ip address resolution when they go looking for resources like DNS or DCs.

where you place the DNS server and your domain controllers are up to you.

you can have a central location where all servers are located and use WAN links for sites to query DCs and DNS servers for network resources. you can place DCs at sites if bandwidth utilization is at a premium.

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