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Implementing new system

By Mikebyrne000 ·
At present the office is comprised of around 30 desktop pc's (Windows OS) connected to a simple switch connected to a netgear router with a 3mb internet connection.
The problem at present is that if any of the employees forget to bring a file or files home with them they cannont access the document.
I'm thinking about recommending implementing a server which will allow the employees to save the documents in a central location and then implementing some form of remote access.
What would my options be?
Server Side ? Windows Server/Open Source soltion
Remote Access :
Portal (ie Blackbaoad)
p2p connectivity
Google Docs
Office Live

The requirments would be:
The need to access files from remote locations using the internet
The system should cater for 35+ users and have the ability to increase as needed
Due to the sensitive nature of the documents security is of great importance
Ideally encryption on laptop in case it lost or stolen
The solution needs to be deployed on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms
It needs to be of minimal cost
Authentication is needed
Remote access should be compatible with Windows,Mac & Linux

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by TNT@support In reply to Implementing new system

Simple VPN should cover your needs for secure, cross-platform remote access to your system. Cisco VPN has software clients for all the operating systems you mentioned.

Cisco VPN meets all your requirements except encryption of your laptop drives, which is going to require a separate solution anyway. I do not know of a single drive encryption program that will work on all three platforms unless you format all the hard drives for FAT32. This is the one that's going to take time to research.

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by bincarnato In reply to Implementing new system

Is this homework? Sounds like a homework question to me.

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