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    Implementing Security-Enhanced Linux


    by maryweilage ·

    Are you familiar with Security-Enhanced Linux? Have you implemented it, or are you considering it? Do you think this implementation surpasses the level of access control available on Microsoft systems? Share your thoughts on whether you’ll test out Security-Enhanced Linux, as discussed in the Dec. 12 Security Solutions e-newsletter.

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      by the_integrator ·

      In reply to Implementing Security-Enhanced Linux

      Just like we have an NSA key in W2K, and backdoors in other security products such as Checkpoint, what backdoors has the NSA built into this one? It is certainly better than standard Linux and you are limiting the backdoors to experts who would normally only use them to prevent unlawful activity, but I would rather see a secure linux developed by an independant group preferably in somewhere like Switzerland who really understand privacy and security issues.

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        NSA Backdoors

        by mike mullins ·

        In reply to SELinux

        If you having problems with the fact that NSA hosted the exchange and chaired the collaboration effort. Go to
        and look at the list of contributors. A lot of well known names in there. I don’t think they were all fooled by a backdoor from the NSA.

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