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Implementing User Registration and Management on a website

Hello! I'm helping a friend with a website for a small business they're starting to hire out contractors to different clients. In the short term they'll probably handle hiring people through forms, email, and emails and organize relevant information and documents manually. Mid to long term however, they want a portal where they can have contractors have a profile and have postings, news, profile editing, etc. This would also make managing hiring them out easier eventually if the company grows.

My question is- what's a good starting point or software or something to start to work on integrating this into the website? I'm making the website using WordPress and the site is hosted by BlueHost. I don't really have a background in making websites, and I appreciate your help!
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by ritujha7652 In reply to Implementing User Registr ...

As I read that you do not have a background in making websites and you want to create a portal kind of website where the data or the profile of contractors will be saved, right? So, creating this kind of portal requires expertise as for its proper functioning all the aspects of web designing and web development must be kept in mind. Also, the data of contractors must be secured so making a secured website is also a must. If you are located in India then you can check website development company in Surat or any other place as I have personally seen the best outcomes in this industry from this place.

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