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Implementing VLANs with VPNs together

By naheed ·
Implementing VLANs and VPNs together in the same corporate intranet. Can anyone suggest me some articles to read on ?

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We use VLANS where I work!

by rzan In reply to Implementing VLANs with V ...

We use VLANS where I work, commonly referred to as layer 3 switching. Layer 3 is the network layer from the OSI model. In plain english, you have a switch (which normally works at later 2 of link) with a router module, called an MSM (Multilayer Support Module). What VLAN does is takes a physical network and breaks it down into multiple logical subnetworks. For instance, say I have a 16 port switch, I can set port 1 to VLAN 2 and port 4 to VLAN 8. In a normal switch, all ports would be able to directly communicate with one another, but in a VLAN, different ports on different VLANS cannot see each other. That is where the router module comes in. You need to route between the different VLANS. VLANS are just a way to subnet aphysical network down into multiple logical networks.

A VPN uses somehting like the internet to create a secure pipe (point to point) connection between two hosts. It does this by encrypting the data using public/private key technology, and alsoby encapsulating the original data packets into another protocol. Think of sending apples hidden inside the peel of an orange. To everyone, it looks like an orange, but take the peel away, it is an apple.

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What are the benefits/issues in

by naheed In reply to We use VLANS where I work ...

deploying both technologies in a corporate network ?
Can you guide me on that please ???
Thanks for the help anyways

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by igddc In reply to We use VLANS where I work ...

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