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    what are the importance of internet in an organisation

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      Depends on the organization and what it needs to do.

      The easiest answer to a general question like this is… information. The internet makes retrieving information easier for even the technologically-challenged.

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      by tolkender ·

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      I am currently helping a organization upgrade there systems and train them in using them as well as easier ways to deal with information flow. They were still doing most everything in paper format and using fax and mail(not email).

      I have had them doing things almost completely over the net now, including a corporate intranet. Productivity and just the shear speed at which they can conduct business now is 100 times faster. The Interet is part of todays business world, its almost required.

      **Basically getting more done in a shorter timeframe is overall good for the company as a whole. And the internet makes life easier on the employees doing the work. Productivity and profit increase with the internet.

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