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Import Into GAL

By jdgretz ·
I've been trying to figure this one out for a while with no success -

I have a client who wishes to take his 1400 name client list from a pst file and put them into the GAL for common access. I have copied them to a shared file on the exchange server but do not see a way to import these names into the GAL. I'm sure it can be done, but I'll admit to not knowing the answer to this one.

Platform is SBS 2003 - Active Directory (naturally) and Exchange 2003.

Thoughts and/or solutions?



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Third Party Tools

by BFilmFan In reply to Import Into GAL

You will need a third-party tool to accomplish that mission. Thake a look ehre on the SlipStick site:

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Not from them

by jdgretz In reply to Third Party Tools

I've looked at various 3rd party tools and have not found one that will put stuff(tm) into the GAL. Many will take stuff(tm) out of the GAL and do wonderous and fanciful things with the results, but that's not where I am on this one.

I've looked at Ldifde.exe as a possibility, but am not sure this will work. Maybe if I export the existing pst data to an LDAP structure and then pull it back into AD - that might do it, but I really don't want all these folks in AD, only in the GAL.


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Client List into GAL

by markivee In reply to Import Into GAL

You didn't say whether this was Exchange 5.5 or AD based messaging. If it's AD based, there are things you can do to get that information into AD with a little manipulation.

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Fixed that - Thanks

by jdgretz In reply to Client List into GAL

Sorry about that..

It's Exchange 2003 on SBS2003 which naturally includes AD.

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In that case....

by markivee In reply to Fixed that - Thanks

my next question is: What type of records are contained in the PST file (contacts, messages, other)?

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Only care about contacts

by jdgretz In reply to In that case....

It really doesn't matter what else is in there - the only stuff(tm) I care about are the contacts. These also currently reside in a shared contacts list in the public folders, and no, that is not sufficient as the client would like to be able to use the GAL in the same way they use their individual contact lists.

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use csvde

by JoshK In reply to Only care about contacts

Anything that shows up in the GAL must be in AD. You could simply make the public folder show up as an Outlook Address book for the users by checking that box in the PF properties.

If you must have them in the GAL, then you must put each entry in Active directory. You will need to export the entries out to a CSV file. You will then need to format the data in Excel to match the requirements of CSVDE. You can then import the entries to AD with CSVDE. If you google for csvde you can find some aricles on its use.

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by jdgretz In reply to use csvde

Thanks, Josh - that's the information I've been needing. Found several pages that walk one through the process.

Cool - that will assist my client greatly.


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