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    Import outlook exp mail to new machine


    by mkleinpeter ·

    I installed a desktop for a user who was strictly laptop. I set up email under her outlook express with existing profile. Pop3 server for company. I did not choose the option to keep the old messages on the server so she only had new mail. THe old messages are still on the laptop. How do I import from the laptop to the desktop? The desktop is a dell and the button for file and print sharing is not available so I can’t enable it. I tried reloading the NIC but it still doesn’t let me enable file and print sharing. I tried the dell support suggestion of editing in the registry, but the steps didn’t match. I can’t get the file and print sharing option button to display. OS is 98 and ME interchangeable as I tried on a different machine as well.

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      by penguin netwerx ·

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      From within Outlook Express, click on Tools | Options. Select the “Maintenance” tab, then click on the “Store Folder.” From there, you can either copy the location of the store folder, then copy the files to a network share, or you can change the location of the stores folder (I prefer C:\Mail)

      If you can’t access the target machine, you could use FTP to send the files to a central server to download on the target machine later. From there, simply import the messages.

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