Imported media is all scrunched up or something

By asimovman ·
I took a bunch of video with a Sony HD video camera that I checked out from my school's library. I used to Sony's Picture Motion Browser to download the video off the camera onto my computer. I then converted the video to .wmv format. When I play the video with Windows Media Player, it looks normal. However, when I import the video into Windows Movie Maker, the sound plays just fine but the video looks like it's condensed into a very thin, horizontal line so that none of the video is discernible. When I imported the video file, it only took one or two seconds; I would have thought it would take longer so maybe that's significant, I don't know. Any help on what I can do would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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At a guess...

by seanferd In reply to Imported media is all scr ...

I'd say either MM isn't using the right codec for that WMV version, or maybe a video acceleration problem - switch from DirectX to hardware or similar.

Do other files play in MM? Other WMVs, or different file types? Perhaps check in Tools > Options and make sure video properties are correct, or try disabling any filters.

Maybe check this thread and it's links;

It mentions DirectShow filters as a possible issue in relation to a slightly different problem.

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