Importing data from Progress to SQL Server 2000

By thomas.forrest ·
I need to import Data from a 'Progress' db to SQL2000 db.

In SQL, I have set up a local DTS package 'Progress_Data' which links a 'Progress' database to SQL2000.

If I right click the local package and select 'All Tasks', then 'Import Data', the 'DTS Import/Export Wizard' window appears.

I select the destination driver as 'DataDirect 4.10 32-Bit Progress SQL92v9.1E', then choose 'File DSN' to locate the .DSN and enter the UserName and Passwords. The next screen allows the selection of the local database ('CRM_Mark').

Once the above steps have been completed, a further selection can be made, allowing a query build or a selection of tables and views.

Although I can see the relivant tables, I cannot import the data as the following MS error messages are displayed:

1. If 'Query' selected:
'Unexpected error message.'

2. If 'Table/Views' selected:
'Unexpected error occurred: The provider has returned an error result without an error message.'

Any ideas? This is confusing as the connection has already been made in the DTS package and I can see the tables.

Thanks in advance,


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Data provider issue?

by SkatingZebra In reply to Importing data from Progr ...

Hi there.

The second error that you described points to an error with the Progress OLE-DB provider. OLE-DB uses data providers to tell Windows how to talk to various types of data sources. Your provider may not be completely up-to-date, or might have some kind of compatibility issue with SQL Server 2000.

I know this is a kludge workaround, but the easiest way to get your data from Progress to SQL Server may be to export the Progress data (if possible) to a delimited or fixed-width ASCII text file and then import the text file into SQL Server.

I've used DTS packages quite a bit and I've found that when I hit errors like the one you describe it may be much easier and quicker in the long run to just work around the problem than to try to troubleshoot the underlying issue. DTS is twitchy and very touchy, and I've found that it generally works best with data sources that it can recognize as "native", such as text/.CSV files, Oracle databases and SQL Server databases.

Hope this helps!

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DTS Import

by jheffley In reply to Importing data from Progr ...


I've never imported data directly from Progress to SQL Server 2000, but I have used DTS quite a bit in the past. Here's my 2 cents ... I don't think there is any need for you to start the DTS Import/Export wizard after you have already created your DTS package. Just choose to execute the package directly from the DTS Designer (by clicking the run [green arrow] button), EM (by right-clicking on the package and choosing "Execute Package", or the DTSRun command (use SQL Help for syntax and command options). If you do want to use the wizard for "DTS-on-the-fly", it seems to me that you would use the sqloledb driver (default) as the destination driver since you are importing into SQL Server. Hope this helps.


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