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Importing digital camera images

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Web Development Zone e-newsletter describes how to import digital camera images. Do you have a need for importing images from a digital camera? If so, does the example in this e-newsletter help you achieve what you're trying to do? What tips for importing digital images would you like to share with your peers?

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digital camera images

by jerrygivan In reply to Importing digital camera ...

Excellent article and one that is more timely than ever. Digital cameras have become the input media of choice for capturing images for web sites and the example of dropping them into a directory was done so that anyone could understand the concept.

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I used .hta and ftp

by BryanReyn In reply to Importing digital camera ...

just finished building an hta that does this just a little differently.
i could not get inetctls to work.
i know what kind of camera and i know where the pictures are to go.
used FSO to find camera as removable drive, and get the file names to build an FTP script
then used wscript.shell exec so that i can get the stdout to read for pass/fail.

i have an ftp user setup with navigate and write but no read - so the hta file has that user hard-coded in.

i like this one - will have to see how it folds into the mix.

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