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Importing or Restoring a backup into Oracle DE

By HenryStinson ·
I'm trying to figure out how to import, restore or load (?) a database backup into an instance of Oracle DE (developer edition) on my laptop.

My boss subscribed to the OTN so I could install this to test data from one of our clients' Oracle databases. (That client is in Texas, and I'm running 9.2 Developer Edition on my laptop
here in Manassas, Virginia.)

I downloaded Oracle 9.x developer edition (DE) and installed it on my laptop. I had the Oracle "setup" utility go ahead and create a
default database.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to import a backup copy of one of our client's Oracle database schemas. (I assume the backup file contains just the one schema.)

When I open Oracle's Enterprise Manager Console (let's call this "EM"), it offers an option to
1. Launch Standalone
2. Connect to OMS (Oracle Management Server)

When I try option 1 (launch standalone), EM will not let me import, load or restore a database backup. In order to restore a database, it
says I have to connect to a Management Server (or OMS). OK, I tried that...

When i try option 2 (connect to OMS), it asks me for the OMS name. I gave it my computer's name:
<My PC Name>.manassas.pinnaclemgmt
which it didn't seem to mind, but...
When I tried the default login ID (sysman) and password (oem_temp) for OMS, I could not connect.

Is there an OMS installed on my laptop if I installed Oracle DE?

If so, how do I find out what name to enter for it (if it isn't the computer name)?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

(I don't know if maybe I should have installed the full Enterprise Edition instead of just the Developer Edition.)

(The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 8200 with 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 CPU and 512 MB SDRAM. Hard drive is about 37 Gb and has 12 Gb free. Operating system is Windows XP Pro.)

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