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Improve performance with buffered IO

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
The Nov. 14 Java TechMail, "Improve performance with buffered IO," discussed Java's ability to buffer input/output and how it can greatly improve the performance of many applications. Tell us what performance improvements you achieved using Java's buffered IO?

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Difference Between Readers and Streams

by avia In reply to Improve performance with ...

I think it's important to note that the "*Reader" and "*Writer" classes are (as far as I know) for use with textual data (like ASCII), whereas the "*Stream" classes are for non-textual data.


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by bayard In reply to Difference Between Reader ...

There is this bit at the end :)

"Any Reader/Writer can be Buffered to improve the
speed of
character input/output, and any OutputStream/
InputStream can be Buffered
to improve the byte IO speed."

But it doesn't really stress the difference between writer/
readers and streams. Which I would state as:

Streams are for bytes. Nothing more or less. There are
however bits that sit on top of those streams which
convert other things to bytes, ie) ObjectOutputStream,
object to bytes.

Readers and Writers sit on top of streams and handle
the conversion of different encodings of characters, into

In simpler terms, the separation is that streams deal in
byte[] and reader/writers in String.

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