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Improve VPN Speed

By nevernessit ·
I have setup a simple VPN connection between a Windows 2000 Server and some external Windows XP clients. The outgoing speed of the Server to the Internet is 64kbs and the incoming speed at the clients end is 56kbs.
Although this is a reasonably average connection at both ends, folders on the server take about two minutes to open at the clients end. This is even with no other traffic on either the servers network or the clients end. So a person trying to navigate through five levels of the file structure has to wait over ten minutes before they can see the files they want.
Then downloading a file, even a small test file of a few k, can take ages.

Can anyone suggest a way to improve the speed between these machines via VPN without having to upgrade the connections to DSL at the client end, or improve the outgoing speed at the server end.

Surely the 64 and 56 speeds at either end would produce faster times than what I am currently achieving. Thanks

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by tully In reply to Improve VPN Speed

There are several factors at work here, with the obvious being the bandwidth issue. How many clients connect at the same time, on average. 64 kbs can't be split up too many times. Even once cuts the connection to 32kbs. Try surfing the web with that.

The VPN itself will be slower because of the encryption going on. If you have the 2000 Server set to allow L2TP then data is encrypted and decrypted 4 to 6 times during transmission!

Change it to PPTP and it'll help a bit. You can also use a host file on the XP client. This at least will minimize DNS traffic and at this level, every bit helps.

Lastly, instead of navigating through five levels of folders, create shortcuts for the clients that point exactly to the folders where they will go most often. I'd rather have one folder on my desktop that contained 10 shortcuts if it kept me from having to browse directorys.

That's all I can offer. As far as the file transfers, NetBIOS transfers are always slower. I don't know of anything to speed that up. Hopefully someone else will add to this.

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by nevernessit In reply to

Thanks. I will change the encryption and I will also get the organisation to upgrade their connection speed (as they are hosting a website on the network aswell.. so if a few people are browsing that, they are stuffed! :) Thanks.

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by nevernessit In reply to Improve VPN Speed

Thank you, I will try these things. The ont thing that is occuring that is of most concern is that after navigating down a series of folders, a time out occurs when trying to go down another level. Where is this time out value set? Could I increase this in the meantime, before I get the uplink speeds increased?
Thanks for a great answer too, cheers!

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by nevernessit In reply to Improve VPN Speed

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