improving the current comms on site

By bhavitparikh2001 ·
I've a site bit far from a human beings on slightly off the mountain. Compressor Site is the site getting satellite connnection and wired to 4 voice and 2 data lines. We also have a accomodation unit next to it but due to Health and safety issue we'll be moving accomodation unit abour 2ks from Compresor Unit. I need a solution for:
1. How Do I get connection from Compressor to Accomodation unit and what gear Do I need?
2. From satellite to the Compressor Unit, using a small dish and the pipe is 256kbps down ??? 64kbps up, 100kbps for voice and rest for data. Now the problem is accessing a data is very inconsistent throught the day but works fine at night. At a high level what could be the problem? We are using Juniper WX-20 WAN Accelerator but its about to end of life and need replacement.
3. There is a possibility that we can get Telstra NextG connection at the gate (car kit). Gate is about 50 meters from the Compressor. We'll need to test the coverage mid next month.

Ask Telstra to run fiber but due to the geographic location they gave us a starting quote of 600k. It's very expensive.

Anyone has a solid solution??

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Lots of questions there!

by robo_dev In reply to improving the current com ...

In terms of satellite communication not working during the day, I would look at:

Is the problem that the dish is losing satellite lock, or that the network is congested?

Typically in terms of losing satellite lock, is there perhaps a simple mechanical issue such as a bird nesting on the unit, or a thermal fault, such that the unit is overheating in the sun. Most receivers have some sort of error log that would show you if the signal strength is dropping, which would be the result of some external issue.

On the other hand, if the issue is the network of the ISP, then with a ping-monitor utility of some sort, you may notice that during peak times of day their network is over-subscribed.

In terms of the short-range connectivity issue, the telstra solution would work well, but also it might be possible to do something like a Cisco WLAN bridge, or even a FSO (free space optics) laser solution, depending on if you have line-of-sight to the unit, and what sort of throughput you need. (of course the budget matters, too...anything is possible, given enough money)

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