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In A Bind. . .

By jjdarg ·
I've inherited a 'deputy' team leader. My boss, based in another country, made this decision before I arrived. The deputy is a skilled technician and knows all the ins and outs of the environment and gets along well with the customers. He just doesn't get along well with the rest of the team.
Before I arrived, my boss managed the team from his own base, outside of the country. I've discovered that his opininons of my subordinates have been wrong and that he misread a lot of behaviours.
My manager was promoted through work he did on this team and takes an interest in his 'baby', but too much of a daily one. He calls and chats to the deputy quite a bit, and has effectively given the deputy veto power over anything I do. I feel I am being ganged up on when we have weekly conference calls, as if they have both rehearsed for it.
My deputy tends to enjoy the privileges of management without the sacrifices. This is causing dissent among the ranks. However, my manager has stated, notin so many words, that if there is a problem between us, the problem is mine.
We've moved to a new country where we don't speak the language yet, and I have 2 and1/2 months left on my probationary period, wherein I can be fired without cause.
This has been eating my lunch, especially in the past couple of weeks, since my manager made a site visit and told me that I wasn't sharing enough information with the deputy; fair enough, but the Deputy didn't seem to have the motivation to make the move from being a grunt to being a leader, and I have been waiting for him to produce results on assignments I've delegated to him. Since the visit, my deputy has been behaving strangely and almost trying to usurp some of my own responsibilities. It is becoming apparent that my manager is saying things to him that he's not telling me. And I don't feel I can trust either of them.
Anybody out there have any similar experiences?

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