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In Depth C++ Tutorials or (c++ vs java?)

By Nirvana1687 ·
Does anyone know of any sites with really good, in depth c++ tutorials (preferably with exercises at the end of lessons)? The two best sites I have found so far are http://www.cprogramming.com and http://www.cplusplus.com. They both have pretty good tutorials, but the more the better!
One more thing - since I am just starting to learn c++, before I spend more time on it I want to make sure I am spending my time right: People have said to me that it's not worth my time to learn c++ and Ishould learn java instead. Are they right? Right know I can program in QuickBasic, but it's a dead language and has pitiful graphics capabilites, and I want to switch. Is C++ going to lead me down the same road? I always thought that C++ had limitless possibilities and was the 'master language' until these people said that to me. C++ CAN make non-console programs (I mean not DOS based, not sure if console is the right word) and do graphics, right? I was under the impression that the only advantage Java had was portability in that it can be run on practically every system because it uses bytecodes. C++ IS what I think it is, isn't it? (wow, that sentence was awkward) I just don't want to end up in the boat I'm in now with QBasic, still running DOS programs with a 320x200 screen resolution but calling them better because they were made with OOP language. Thanks a lot.

Nico Getz

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C++ is fine

by Jay Eckles In reply to In Depth C++ Tutorials or ...

C++ is what Windows is written in, if that makes you feel any better. When you learn the language, pick up a copy of Visual C++ and learn the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and you'll be writing full-fledged windows applications. If you preferthe Mac platform, get Code Warrior and you can write Mac apps.

Whether C++ or Java is "better" depends entirely on what you want to do with your programming.

Good luck.


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One more thing...

by Nirvana1687 In reply to C++ is fine

Thanks a lot, you've helped me much. Only one problem: I don't think I can run the new VisualC++.NET because it says it will only run on Windows NT and windows XP professional and I have Windows ME. I had my suspicions about this, but I didn't want to buy the program only to find out they were serious. I couldn't tell if they were the system requirements or the recommended things and the guy at the store didn't know what he was talking about. Will it run on my comp? I don't know how to legally obtain an older version of the program and I wouldn't trust a pirated version even if my scruples didn't prevent me from downloading one. How can I find a way around this? I don't want to upgrade to XP professional. Thanks again!

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One MORE thing...just one, for real

by Nirvana1687 In reply to C++ is fine

Sorry, I forgot to put this in my last message! Since I already know a little BASIC, would it be a better investment of (less) time to switch to VisualBasic rather than c++? Here I have the same problem with the Operating system needing to be windows xp pro if I want to run VB.NET. Any solutions? Thanks a lot, you've been a great help!!


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Try to Learn C++

by anejako In reply to One MORE thing...just one ...

Dear Nico:

I would try to learn C++ if you could. VB is fine, but learning C++ will help you pick up a lot more knowledge about object-oriented programming that will help you in learning other languages down the line. You will have to have a broad mind and a good memory to keep both VB (or VB.NET) and C++ straight, but it is worth the effort.

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Forget about Basic

by lmolina_oops In reply to C++ is fine

Go straight to C++, and you'll love it. Do it
just before you take Java, or you'll hate C++ later on.

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