In Excel,

By zimonar ·
Can you tell me please which function I should use to find the cost price per unit?
Thank you.

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Not aware of a function for that

by LocoLobo In reply to In Excel,

wouldn't that be "TotalCost" / "Number of Units"? Or am I missing something?

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In Excel

by zimonar In reply to Not aware of a function f ...

Yes please, Suppose I have:
Products Quantity Unit Price
Paper 12 5
Eraser 3 3
Pencil 6 1
Eraser 2 3
Pencil 5 1
Paper 24 5
Pencil 20 1
Eraser 10 3
Pencil 15 1
Paper 30 5
Paper 25 5
Eraser 3 1
Paper 50 5
Pencil 12 3
Pencil 6 3
Eraser 10 1
Eraser 5 1
Paper 100 5

- which function I should use to find the TotalCost of each of Products such as:
Paper Total?
Pencil Total?
Eraser Total?

- Thanks for your reply!

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Use Sumif

by LocoLobo In reply to In Excel

As an example, assume the values above are in A2:C19

In cells D2:D19 calculate the Total Cost (e.g. D2 contains =C2*b2)

Now you can use the Sumif function to calculate each of your categories.


In this example range = a2:a19
criteria = Paper, Eraser or Pencil
sum_range is the range to be summed.

Using Paper as an example:


This worked for me in Excel 2003. To do the other categories substitute "Pencil", etc. for the criteria.

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