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In Excel, can Group Box be hidden?

I use Excel for order forms that have several groups of Option Buttons. The groups are defined by the Excel group box tool, which works fine. I would like to keep the groups as is, but hide the group box from view (I know how to hide it from printing) because the box outlines seem to confuse the users of the program. Possible?

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by lauraburhans In reply to In Excel, can Group Box b ...

The box outline does not have to be around the options in order to work. Select the box outline by clicking on it, then drag the handles to make it as small as possible. Finally, drag the box off to some remote spot on your spreadsheet.

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by lauraburhans In reply to

Ignore the above, it does not work. Do this instead. Hide the outlines by selecting the rectangle on the drawing toolbar, and drawing a rectangle slightly larger than the Group Box. It should cover up your group box and and Option buttons. Next Right-Click on the Rectangle and under order select send to back. Now you should be able to see the Options and Group Box again. Finally, right click on the Group Box and under order, select send to back. Now the outline is hidden, but the options show.

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