In Excel, can I get a formula result to show in a different cell?

By famb ·
If specific text ("N/A") is entered in column D, I want the cell in column C to automatically show the date entered in a specific cell elsewhere on the worksheet. Column C has conditional formatting so that if it's blank the cell highlights in red. So if I put my IF formula in that cell in column C it throws off my conditional formatting since the cell is no longer blank. Can I put that IF formula in a hidden column and get the answer to that formula show up in column C?

Any advice is appreciated!

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Text Blanks

by oldbaritone In reply to In Excel, can I get a for ...

Not the way you are asking. The content of the cell is in that cell. Although it may be a reference to another cell (=D1) there must be something in a cell to have anything displayed. If the cell is blank, another cell cannot display something in it, unless it modifies the original cell and puts something into it.

How about changing the conditional formatting to include "Blanks" as well as "blank"?

Then the IF could produce the ELSE result " " and have the conditional formatting highlight that in red also.

The other way would be to start adding macros or events to make the spreadsheet self-modifying. It's possible, but not good programming practice.

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I commend you

by NexS In reply to Text Blanks

Not for your excellinus expertise, but your ability to decipher the question.
It had me spinning.

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Thank you!

by famb In reply to Text Blanks

Thanks so much, this worked!!

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