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By blckspder ·
My company is currently looking to bring out email and website in house. Our managers are looking for some costs and time benefits and so on and having never had the email and website in house. we have no prior data to compare. So I was wondering if anyone here could give me some ideas of cost of maintenance and additional work load. We are looking to put up a linux system. We have about 75 email accounts and approx. 50 employees. Let me know and thanks.

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by rumpy1Fanumpy In reply to In housing email/website

you could start with any-old pc / old server and stick
linux on it and do your email and web out of the box in
about 40 minutes from start to finish.

If you want to do mirroring or fancy hosting (virtual,
multiple sites, clustering of mail servers, etc - maybe a
few hours alltogether)

A really nice server with some raid will set you back
?1000 here in the uk complete with a nice rack to put it
in. Advantages are you aren't hosting on a shared server
somewhere (which means all your corporate guff is
vulnerable), you can access the server 24/7 if you fancy it,
and you can have the server set up exactly as you want.

You need a good quality network connection with an SLA
though and ups to get anywhere near the resilience of
professional hosting.

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